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Light Freedom Revival

Eterniverse Deja Vu

Review by Gary Hill
The melodic prog here is very much in line with both classic progressive rock and modern stuff like The Flower Kings. In fact, if I had to draw a direct comparison to one act, I'd probably name The Flower Kings. This isn't a perfect album, but it's quite good. The first few songs seem to be a bit samey, and have a tendency to feel a bit like one long song. There aren't enough peaks and valleys here.  I'm also not overly taken by the vocals on the set. All that said, though, this does work quite well. It features two musicians of Yes fame, too (Billy Sherwood and Oliver Wakeman). If you like AOR prog on the melodic side, get to know this set. It should be your kind of thing.
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Track by Track Review
New Lightspace Age

A bit of a mainstream rock sound opens this. The cut shifts to a cool AOR prog sound to move forward.

An Idea of Freedom
Another melodic progressive rock number, this isn't a huge change. That said, it works well.
Where Words Fail
This is a bit more of a melodic straight-line cut. While I like this, it's all starting to feel like one long song by this point. That said, I love the guitar solo on this thing.
Dream Again
Starting slower and a bit more like a ballad, this has a lot more of a pure prog vibe going on. That allows it to stand above the surrounding cuts. In fact, it's a real highlight here. There are some extremely cool musical moments on this number. It is a diverse and dynamic cut in a lot of ways. This has some hooks that can be latched onto, too. All of those things contribute to this being the first song that really works exceptionally well.
Form Hope
An even bigger change, some folk-like acoustic guitar based sounds bring this one into being. As it grows out to more rocking sounds, this has some solid hooks, too. It's another standout piece. It shows that things are starting to really gel by this point.
Eterniverse Deja Vu
The title track has a lot of energy. It's another of the stronger cuts. I love the bass work on the tune. The backing vocals really lend a lot of magic, too. This has no shortage of hooks, and is just such a great song. I particularly like the piano at the end of this.
They Fit You In
The guitar that starts this is screaming hot. The tune is a harder rocking, fast paced, driving one. It's carries the trend of stronger songs that we've been in for a little while.  While this is definitely progressive rock, it has some definite metal leanings. I love the flavors, hooks and fills on this. The keyboard solo segment is well worth mentioning, too.
Go Amplify the Feeling
The start of this is a total change. The cut comes in with a real country music vibe to it. It gets more into rock territory later, but I wouldn't really consider it so much prog as late 60s early 70s proto prog. The organ solo lends credence to that stance. I like the variety that this cut brings, but at the same time, it really doesn't seem to fit with the rest of the disc.
Starting Over
This rocker is more in the AOR prog styled territory. It has some cool hooks and changes. It's a melodic tune that works quite well.
Place of Power
The keyboards that start this bring some magic. The non-lyrical vocals that come across the top bring some mystery. The cut works out from there to a melodic prog sound that's more or less ballad-like. It grows to a more standard prog sound from there, landing in the territory of more soaring AOR prog. I love the piano work on this number. The bass playing is certainly noteworthy, too. The piano at the end is pretty awesome.
Stay Strong with Me
The catchy non-lyrical vocal movement section at the start of the song is fun. There is almost a bit of a 50s doo wop element to the hooks on this at times. The number is a melodic prog number beyond that.
Positive Light Code
The opening of this is exceptionally cool. This is a faster paced prog number that is one of the better tunes here. I really dig the guitar solo on the number.
Enjoy the Now

The is a melodic, mid-tempo prog rocker. I don't think that I'd consider this one of my favorites, but it's a very satisfying close to the album. It works to really bring the whole ride out in style.


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