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The Sidney Green Street Band

Half Live

Review by Gary Hill

The first thing to mention here is that there is no Sidney Green Street in this band. Sidney Greenstreet was a British actor and the band sort of borrowed the name. This album is literally split in half. The first part consists of studio recordings while the second half is live. I would classify the first half as either country based rock or at the very least Southern rock. It's mostly melodic numbers. The second half lands more in the blues rock meets jam band category. It is a lot crunchier and more rocking than the studio material. All in all, this is an entertaining album.

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Track by Track Review
Muscle Shoals

Country music with a bit of a blues rock element to it is the order of business on this number. I can make out some Allman Brothers along with The Band. This is a very classic, old school styled number. It's essentially a ballad turned melodic rocker.

Last Beer and Testament
Here we get some real country stuff. The lyrics are irreverent and quite funny. There is a rock and roll edge to this, but overall it's pure down home country.
One Alone
This really makes me think of The Band. It's a solid rocker that's well-rooted in country traditions.
Next Time
A bit more of a rock and roll edge is present here. This is more like the modern school of roots based rock.
Don't Make That Girl Cry
This is a killer blues rocker with some awesome slide guitar work. It's a lot of fun.
Stayin' All Night

Here we get a bluesy rocker that's fun stuff. It's the most "rock" oriented thing to this point of the disc. I dig the guitar soloing on this number.

I Belong
Jam band sound and killer rock music make up this first live song of the disc. I like this better than anything on the studio half of the disc. It's a solid number.
Miss Understood
Here's another solid rocker. This is the kind of thing Black Crowes does. It's a good tune, but not a standout.
Bad Bad Way

A bit harder rocking, this is a classy number.

Man on a Mission
I dig the guitar soloing on this thing. The cut has a strong blues meets Southern rock vibe. There is a definite jam band thing here, too. This is a lot of fun. In fact, it's one of my favorites on the disc.
I Ain't Sleeping with the Lights On

A bit on the mellower side, this draws from the same musical territory.

Rock Star

This is more of the bluesy rocker meets jam band kind of stuff. It's a solid tune, but not one of my favorites here.



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