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Fire in the Field

War Bonnet

Review by Gary Hill

To describe this set with one phrase, the riff is king. These guys have produced a sound that is very nearly heavy metal, but probably lands more in the hard rock zone. There is definitely stoner rock at its core, but it's tempered with things from psychedelia to even the hard rock of early Grand Funk Railroad. Fire in the Field's music is fuzz-drenched and so cool.

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Track by Track Review

The fast paced riff that starts this is just so cool. This thing powers out like screaming hot old school heavy metal. It drops to a mellow kind of groove for the vocal section. They alternate between those two sections. They both get expanded upon at different points along this road. This is part old school heavy metal, part progressive rock and part stoner rock. It's all cool.

Swift Hoof

Killer riffs are again at the heart of this. The proggy and mellower elements of the previous cut are gone here. Instead, the stoner rock kind of element really creates the concept of the tune. It does drop back for some killer rocking guitar soloing, though. This thing is fuzz-laden and so tasty.

Duke of the Valley

There is a bit of a punky edge to this piece. The tune works through some changes within it's stoner rock grind. This is another killer cut on a disc that's full of them.

The opening on this is even meatier, if that's possible. The fuzz content is killer. It alternates with a bit more melodic section. This feels like Electric Wizard mixed with more of a mainstream hard rock band.
Peasant Once Passed
Psychedelia and stoner rock merge on this killer cut. There are some almost punk like parts with the shouted slow moving part of the tune.
The cool just oozes off of this killer rocker. It's built around the same stoner rock sounds as the rest of the disc, but when it's this good, why change. Again there is a good balance between the fired up and dropped back parts of this.

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