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The Cool Moonmist Mountain Band

Fire Sign EP

Review by Gary Hill

Whether this belongs under progressive rock or not probably ties into whether you think Synergy or Kraftwerk fit under prog. Personally, I do, but I could see people disagreeing with that. Whatever your opinion on that assessment, though, this electronic set is packed full of cool instrumental music.

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Track by Track Review
Keyboards bring this into being tentatively, and it begins to grow upward from there with a psychedelic edge. It becomes more electronic and a bit noisy, with an almost psychedelic rock edge. There is a cool groove that rises up after a bit, driving it forward with style. I'm reminded just a bit of Kraftwerk in some ways. The tune works through some shifts and changes and really is special.          
Lofi Spliff
The opening sound on this has a bit more of a proggy texture. There are some small bits of sample voice in the mix. This has an almost freeform jazz vibe in some ways. It's a lot weirder than the opener was, landing more in the experimental zone. It works out after a time to more of a rock groove and gets more mainstream. It's definitely on the stranger side in comparison to the opener, though.
Super Automatic
There is a definite percussive element along with the melodic as this comes out of the gate. It works to more of a Kraftwerk-like electronic groove as it makes its way forward. There are some hints of the more electronic side of Hawkwind on this number, too.
Let the Dust Settle
There is a healthy helping of psychedelia in the mix here, along with plenty of the electronic elements you have come to expect by this point. It's an effective groove and good way to "let the dust settle" for the closing.

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