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Trippy Hearts


Review by Gary Hill

I've debated and gone back and forth on where to land this. Psychedelia and alternative rock are big parts of the sound of this release. However, it's also got a lot of progressive rock leanings and a lot of art rock vibes. For that reason, I ultimately decided to put it under the prog heading. Your mileage may vary. I would say that this is a slam-dunk success in terms of the musical content, but the vocals don't always work as well for me. Still, they don't detract and they do grow on the listener.

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Track by Track Review
Flaming Gold Piano o
There is a cool dark psychedelia at the heart of this number as it gets underway. I really dig the musical arrangement on this a lot, but the vocals are not as effective for me. Still, the cut works pretty well. That's particularly true when it drives out with a fierce, proggy kind of texture for a couple sections later in the tune.
This is very artsy in nature. It has more of that psychedelic vibe, too. I'm reminded of Radiohead in some ways. This is classy.
Sea Waltz
Trippy dream pop kind of stuff is the order of business here. The song has some more of that Radiohead thing, too.
This rocker is perhaps closer to something like Garbage. I love the fuzz-drenched sound of the guitar on this thing. As it works out later to a driving grind that Radiohead element comes into play. There is a lot of shoegaze on that part of the number.
A mellower, trippy kind of groove is on the menu here. The vocals are more effective on this number than on some of the others, making this piece a highlight. It's also decidedly proggy with a spacey psychedelic edge.
Attic Rooms
There is a poetic, artsy vibe as this gets underway. I love the harder-edged guitar sound that comes across at times. This is another potent piece of music and standout track.
Garden City
There is a real trippy pop rock vibe to this. It wanders toward spacey music at points, but also brings something that calls to mind pop music of the 1970s.
Beach Steed
Bass starts this cut and holds it for the introduction. Eventually the arrangement fills out and works forward with a psychedelia meets alternative approach. This track builds organically, but it really builds into a powerhouse number. In fact, I'd consider this spacey, trippy tune to be the highlight of the disc.

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