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Review by Gary Hill

This is an album that is hard rocking and at times leans toward progginess. It's psychedelic, alternative and fun. I will say that the vocals work better one song at a time than they do from start to finish. They tend to be too samey, lending a monolithic vibe. Still, I'm not sure how many people listen to full albums these days. I do, but I think I'm in the minority.

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Track by Track Review
This comes in with a grinding, hard rocking sound. It's a very psychedelic sounding thing. There are some modern prog elements in the mix, too. This grinds through with a lot of style and charm. It's edgy and so cool.
I really like this one a lot, too. They bring some jazzy angles, but there are also aspects of this that make me think of DEVO to some degree.
My Living Brain
Another driving rocker, there is more of a jam band kind of thing here, but that's mixed with the usual players.
There are hints of reggae on this. That's merge with hard rock, psychedelia, proggy elements and more.
Spiral Galaxies
Psychedelia, progressive rock and more merge on this killer rocker. This might be my favorite tune of the set. It's just packed full of cool stuff.
Little Red Dolls
The killer psychedelic prog sounds of this really hearken back to the late 1960s. Yet there are some modern guitar sounds in place, too.
Coming in mellower, there are some space rock elements at play on the first part of this. Frantic drumming takes over. That gives way to a blast of keyboards before it launches out into harder rocking stuff that even turns a little punky.
Driving, rocking and so strong, this is quite the powerhouse. The guitar soloing on this thing is purely on fire.
Pappa Fell Down
I dig the hard rocking concepts on this. It has plenty of glam rock and more in the mix.
The Beast Inside
Tastefully crazed and very cool, this is noisy, psychedelically based and yet still proggy. It's another strong track on a disc full of strong material. It turns out toward stoner metal as it gets around the three-quarter mark.

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