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Various Artists

Strontium 90, Shrimps & Gumbo: Lux & Ivy Dig Motorcycle Boots & Mutants

Review by Gary Hill

This set is unusual and strangely entertaining. It features rockabilly, surf-guitar and more Not everything here is a winner for me, but the general tone and vibe is appealing. The only real issue I have is the cultural insensitivity of the last track. Personally, I think that one should have been left off of the set.

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Track by Track Review
Willie Ward - Iggy Joe
There is some smoking hot old-school rock and roll on the menu here. This is a lot of fun.
MacKey Beers and the Rockitts - That Jim
I really dig the rocking groove on this one. This is another entertaining romp.
Alvis (Eddie) Edwards - Real Gone Baby
Not a big change, I don't like this one as much as I do its predecessors.
Jerry Warren and the Tremblers - Rompin'
Now this tune really grooves and rocks. It has some non-lyrical vocals, but it's basically an instrumental. This lands along the lines of surf and drag music.
Vaughn Monroe - Black Denim Trousers and Motorcycle Boots
The lead vocals on this are so low register it's crazy. This has a jazz meets rock and roll angle to it. While this is intriguing, it's not one of my favorites on the set.
Billy Joe Royal - Dark Glasses
There is a goofy doo-wop sound to this. It has a good energy, but it feels too much like a silly novelty song for my tastes. I don't really care for this one.
Deacon and the Rock N Rollers - Rockin' on the Moon
Much more like it, I love the rocking groove on this cut.
Robert Parker - Twistin' Out in Space
Horns are nice touch on this. While this has a novelty song approach in terms of the lyrical content, musically it's much meatier than that.
Rufus Shoffner and Joyce Songer - Orbit Twist
Another old-school rock and roller, this lands in the middle of the road. On the one hand, it's fun. However, it feels a little gimmicky.
Jimmy McCracklin - The Drag
This is a step up in terms of the rocking musical arrangement. The recording feels a little muffled and flat, though.
Dave Bartholomew - Shrimp and Gumbo
Dixieland meets rock and roll on this number. It's a fun romp, but the recording isn't at the same level as some of the other music here.
Betty Nickell - Hot Dog
A piano dominated rock and roller, this is one of my favorites here. It's just so energetic and tasty. The vocal delivery is impassioned and powerful.
Eddie Smith & the Hornets - Upturn
Here we get another instrumental. This has a bit more rockabilly than surf guitar sound, but both are represented here.
Bob Gallion - Six Pallbearers
Country is the concept here. This has a lot of twang built into it. It's not a standout for me, but it's not bad, either. It's just not really my kind of thing.
Cliff Gleaves - Long Black Hearse
A more rocking tune, this is a step-up from the previous one.
Terry Richards - Payday
Rockabilly is in the menu here. This is a fun groove that stands fairly tall.
Bobby Sue and Her Freeloaders - Relief Check
Here we get a blues romp. This is classy stuff. The sound quality on this is not all that great, though.
The Halos - Nag
This doo-wop rock and roller doesn't really do all that much for me. It has a bit of a novelty vibe. I find it a little silly.
Jimmy Lee Prow - You Tell Her I Stutter
This rockabilly piece has  some intriguing guitar fills. It's a bouncy number with a lot of country in the mix.
Scatman Crothers - A Gruntin' and a Groanin' (The Wrestlers Song)
I love Scatman Crothers as an actor, but this song really annoys me. The pained sounding vocals are hard to take, and the whole track is embarrassing.
The Travelers - Teen-Age Machine Age
Now, this is a fun romp. I really dig this one a lot. This rock and roller is one of the highlights here.
Bobbie Warren - Strontium 90
This is a fun romp. It starts with a piano and vocal dominated arrangement. It turns to a more rock and rolling arrangement from there. Then they take it out into a full jazz romp. This is one of the most intriguing and dynamic pieces here with the song continuing to change as it works forward.
Conny and the Bellhops - Bop Sticks
I love this rock and roll instrumental. It has some definite surf guitar built into it. It's a fun romp that's one of my favorites here.
Sonny Adams - I'm in Love with a Mutant
A piano and vocal theatrical piece, this feels like a satirical number. It brings from variety, but it's not all that successful for me.
The Aladdins - Magic Carpet
I dig the jazz meets rock and roll vibe on this tune. The recording quality isn't great, though. It is a classy instrumental despite that.
Woody Byrd - Jazz Vs. Rock and Roll
There is a bluesy groove to this. The vocals are of the low-register variety. This does a good job of combining three type of music - the two mentioned in the title along with blues. It's accomplished by blasts of each type of sound.
Kip Shane - Party Line
Another energetic rock and roller, this works pretty well. It's not a standout. It does really wail at times, though.
Mickey Mandolin - Two Cats & a Mouse
This is another classy rock and roller. It's no big change, but it is an effective piece.
Danny Williams - Fidel Castro Rock
I think this tune should have been left off the disc. It seems pretty offensive in terms of its stereotypes. The music is fine, but this should not be promoted in this era/

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