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Ranzel X Kendrick

Hill Country Hip - Best of RXK

Review by Gary Hill

I've previously reviewed several releases from Ranzel X Kendrick. His musical style seems to be all over the place. A lot of that can be seen in this new "best of collection." There is plenty to like here in different genres and flavors. I should mention that I reviewed many of these songs before. For the sake of consistency those track reviews are used here or modified for use here.

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Track by Track Review
Seguin Son-of-a-Gun
I dig the harmonica on this track. The number has a bouncy sort of country groove. It's a fun number.
What A Pretty Day
With both male and female vocals in the mix, this is a jazzy kind of number. It's playful and fun.
Cactus Flower
This song feels like delicate and playful folk number. I love the intricate arrangement. This is down-home and so classy.
Trouble and Pain

Down-home country is a big part of the musical mix here. The cut has some blues elements at play, too.

One Way to Del Rio
Acoustic guitar and vocals is the musical concept here. This is folk turned country music. The recording sounds like an intimate live one. It does get some harmonica later in the track.
Broke Down in Texas feat. Alias Wayne
This energetic cut has some blues, country and folk in the mix. It's a mainstream rock tune that works quite well.
Baptized in Butterflies
Classy intricate acoustic guitar gets us going here. Whistling brings a down-home vibe to this instrumental piece. This is playful, gentle and classy.
Ada's Farm
Harmonica starts things off here. There is definitely a down-home feeling to this. It has plenty of 1960s folk style at its heart.
Peace of Mind

Here we get a soulful kind of folk rock tune that works quite well.

Eternal Flame
I can hear a live audience on this cut. I like the flowing, soaring kind of vibe on this cut. The female vocals add a lot. This really manages to rock at times.
With some slide guitar and a filled out vocal arrangement, this is a cool bluesy rocker.
Little Whisper
Based on acoustic guitar and vocals, this is a classy folk-styled number.
Any Ole’ Song
Folk and country elements blend with a DIY texture on this number. It's a fairly stripped down arrangement and a rather catchy, if rough around the edges, tune.

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