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Robert Gordon with Chris Spedding


Review by Gary Hill

This collection of songs is apparently made up of "lost" previously unreleased tunes. There is a retro vintage vibe at play here. There are some more modern punkier things on display, too. This has some tracks that work better than others, but nothing here really misses the mark by a lot.

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Track by Track Review
One Day Left
This has a classy rockabilly sound at play. It reminds me of Roy Orbison.
Please Don't
A slower moving track, this feels more like Johnny Cash. It has a lot of country in the mix along with some down-home blues.
Have I The Right
More of a driving rock and roll sound is on the menu here. This has a vintage basis, but there are some more modern angles in the textures.
Middle Of The Night
This feels even fresher, but it's still set heavily in old school rock and roll sounds.
Signs Of Love
Cool alternative rock textures merge with punk, rockabilly and more. The slide guitar is classic.
I'll Make It Right
Here we get a B.B. King styled electric blues romp.
Why (Doncha Be My Girl)
More of a good time rockabilly sound is on the menu here. This has a real 1950s pop sort of sound, but it's also got some modern sensibilities.
I Saw A Smile
Classy rock and roll with edgy guitar is the concept here. This has more pure retro sound.
Don't Let Go
More old school rock and roll is on the menu here. This has a definite Bo Diddley beat.
Girl Like You
More modern punky sound is on the menu here. This has some retro elements, but overall feels closer to something like The Romantics.
Please Don't Touch
This cover has both modern and retro elements at play.
Tell Him No
Strummed acoustic guitar is the basis of this tune that makes me think of the Everly Brothers. It's bouncy and fun.
You Don't Know What You Got
This one reminds me of Elvis Presley. It's closer to a ballad, but not quite.
Believe What You Say

An old school rock and roller, this is energized and a lot of fun. The guitar solo is on fire, and the song is decidedly vintage.



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