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Mike Starrs

Electric Garden

Review by Gary Hill

While Mike Starrs is probably best known for his work in Colosseum II and Lucifer's Friend, he's done a lot more, including serving as the lead singer in a band that has a special place in my heart, Lake, for a while. This album was originally released in 1978, but has now been released on CD with bonus tracks.

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Track by Track Review
Feel So Good
I really dig the melodic guitar that starts this a lot. It has an almost proggy vibe to it. The cut works out to a bouncy sort of psychedelic pop styled arrangement. This is fun. The instrumental section gets rather proggy.
When It Comes to Love
The soaring melodic rock vibe on this track is so strong. It's another winner.
Electric Garden
Glam rock and psychedelia seem to merge on this solid tune. It's a bouncy and fun.
The Will
Trippy and psychedelic, there is a real art rock vibe on display here.
Good Life
This really makes me think of T-Rex. It has some great glam rock grooving on display. It's so much fun.
To Everyone Concerned

A more balladic cut, the arrangement on this is lush and evocative. The bouncy jam that takes over later has more of a glam rock sort of feeling to it. The arrangement gets involved with horns and lots of other cool things.

Loving You
There is an old-time rock and roll sound as this gets started. It works out to more of a mainstream 1970s pop rock sound from there. This is very much of the radio-friendly school sound. It has some doo wop styled backing vocals built into it later.
Beautiful Day
A bouncy folk rock meets psychedelia vibe is on display here. This is a fun number.
Looking for Love
Energetic rock and roll is on the menu here. I love the guitar solo, but the horns also bring some definite charms.
I'll Take Good Care of You
A melodic rocker with a real classic sound is on the menu here. This is along the lines of a 1950s ballad.
Hold On
I like this rocker a lot. It has plenty of 1960s and 1970s vibes at play.
Love Song
I know this song from Elton John's cover of it. This takes on more of a rocking guitar texture, but it still has plenty of the dramatic magic as that take. I'm not sure I like one more than the other. Given how much I love Mr. Dwight's interpretation, that says a lot.
Bonus Tracks:
Witches Brew

I dig the rocking guitar sound on this. The tune is another that makes me think of T-Rex to some degree. There is some almost mysterious psychedelic edge to parts of this. It's certainly got plenty of glam rock in the mix.

Lost Without You
More of a 1970s pop rock sound is on the menu here. This is another classy romp. It definitely has a lot of pop and some hints of 50s music built into it.
This cover of the old chestnut has a cool rubbery groove to it. This might be my favorite version I've ever heard of the song. It really rocks.
Blue and White
This mellower number has some psychedelic vibes at play. It's also a little on the proggy side.

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