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Various Artists

Destination Freeway

Review by Gary Hill

With a subtitle of "33 Cruisin' Deuces For Your Summer Spectacular," this gathers up a lot of vintage music. The central theme is cars and driving. Much of this is early rock and roll, but there are other things including blues and novelty records in the mix. While not everything is completely successful for me, there are some songs that really stand out well.

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Track by Track Review
Dinah Shore - See The U.S.A. In Your Chevrolet
This is exactly the kind of jazzy pop music you would expect. It's very vanilla.
Burt Keyes - Stop Jivin', Start Drivin'
I dig the rock and roll groove with jazz that makes up this tune. It's a lot of fun.
The Bonnevilles - Freeway U.S.A.
Old school rock and roll and jazz merge on this energized and driving instrumental tune. I like this one a lot. It has some definite surf guitar angles at play.
The Premiers - Jolene
A hot rod racing by starts this thing. The tune is a doo-wop number with a mostly spoken lead vocal. I'm not a fan of doo-wop so this really doesn't work for me.
The Aquatones - The Drive-In
Old time rock and roll is on the menu here. This is a bouncy retro sounding number. It works pretty well, but isn't really my thing.
Bobby Jackson - Wow, Man!
I love the saxophone and guitar on this thing. The number is a cool vintage rock and roller that's a lot of fun.
The Spaniels - Automobiles
More of a doo-wop tune, this works pretty well.
Wally Hughes - Convertible Car
Rockabilly based, this is driving, bouncy and rather fun.
Al Brown & His Tunetoppers - Route 66
I dig the jazzy groove on this number. This is a classic, and it's delivered with a lot of style and charm here. This is one of the highlights of the disc.
Buzz Clifford - Pididdle (The Car With One Light)
The energy and groove of this rock and roller are both great. This is one of the more entertaining pieces here for me. The vintage guitar soloing is on fire, and this is another standout on the set.
Sammy Hagan and The Viscounts - Tail Light
Doo-wop merges with an almost crooner ballad sound here. The song is a bit of a let down from the last couple.
The Del Vikings - Flat Tire
A guy imitating a car engine starts this. The track works out to a vintage rock and roll groove. It's a fun romp, even if it's very dated.
Clarence Garlow - Route 90
I love the driving piano on this thing. The saxophone is cool, too. The whole thing just rocks like crazy. This is another highlight of the disc.
Chuck Willis - Keep-A-Driving
The bluesy rocking vibes on this are great. This grind is another standout. 
Faron Warmer - Cruisin Central
Mostly spoken vocals are on the menu here. It's an entertaining retro rocker.
Gene Vincent and His Blue Caps - Cruisin'
I love the guitar work on this thing, but the whole number works well. It's another solid tune.
Don Elliott - Long Black Automobile
A bouncy cut, this is a little over-produced for me. It has a bit of a theatrical vibe to it. It's a nice bit of variety, but not one of my favorites here.
Mike Page - Long Black Shiny Car
This stripped back number has a country rock vibe to it. It's another that presents some variety but doesn't really stand out.
Jimmy Carroll - Big Green Car
A car horn in the first sound here. Then we hear an engine revving. This is a driving vintage rock and roller. It has a lot of energy and some real classic sound.
Chuck Alaimo Quartet - Hop In My Jalop
Piano starts this rocker. This is another that works pretty well.                   
George Weston - Hey Little Car Hop
I like this cool rock and roller a lot. The saxophone is a nice touch, and the tune has a fun groove to it.
Hayden Thompson - Fairlane Rock
A fun rocker, this has some hints of Elvis Presley and some rockabilly in the mix. The energy on it is good.
Hoyt Stevens & The Tennessee Ramblers - 55 Chevy
Classic road rockabilly sounds are on the menu here. This is another solid tune, but not really a standout.
Bucky & Premieres - Cruisin'
Now, this rocker is so much fun. It's energetic, and all class. It's one of my favorites here.           
Linda Laurie - Soupin' Up Your Motor
There is almost a crooner ballad vibe as this gets going. When it powers up it has some musical theater does rock and roll sound at its heart. It's fun and lends some variety, but it isn't a favorite for me. There is definitely a novelty song kind of feeling to it.
Georgie Young and The Rockin' Bocs - Nine More Miles (The 'Faster Faster' Song)

A bit over-produced, this has some of that musical theater thing at play. There is still a decent helping of rock and roll, though.

Jerry Lewis - Sunday Driving
Yes, this is that Jerry Lewis. This is a goofy novelty song. It's silly and theatrical.
Gene Vincent - Why Don't You People Learn How To Drive (Stereo)
Here we get some tasty rock and roll. This is a fun romp.
The Lancers - Get Out Of The Car

Blues, jazz and rock and roll all seem to merge here.     

Lorrae Desmond - Get Your Daddy's Car Tonight
Bouncy and a little playful, this is another entertaining romp. It has a jazz meets rock vibe.
Howlin' Wolf - Riding In The Moonlight
This is a killer blues romp. It's down-home, gritty and so much fun. This is definitely a highlight of the set.
Sonny Sheets - Wheels
Jazzy rock and roll jamming is on the menu here. It's another standout. It really wails and drives with style.
Johnny Redd - Take A Ride With Me
Another fun rock and roller, this is a solid tune that is among the upper half of the music here in terms of effectiveness.

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