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Progressive Rock Interviews

Lana Lane

Interviewed by Gary Hill
Interview with Lana Lane from 2004
MSJ: This interview is available in book format (hardcover and paperback) in Music Street Journal: 2004 Year Book Volume 3 at

What would you see as the challenges and the rewards of working with your spouse?
I think the biggest challenge (as Erik stated in his interview) is never getting away from the "work" aspect. It is a 24/7 commitment, which we have GLADLY accepted. The rewards are many! Over the years we have established a strong creative team that is based on trust of the other's vision, respect of the other's talent and love of our mutual dream.
MSJ: Who would you see as your influences?
My "band" influences range from Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin and Styx to Count Basie, Duke Ellington and Henry Mancini. How wild is that?!? You will find my "singer" influences are similar: Ian Gillan, Ann Wilson, Tony Martin, Tony Bennett, Ella Fitzgerald, Frank Sinatra and vocal groups like The Hi-Los and The Singers Unlimited. What can I say - deep down I guess I'm a bit of a geek.
MSJ: Are there any musicians with whom you would like to work, but haven't gotten to yet?
I would love to work with Ann Wilson (Heart), Chris Cornell (Soundgarden) and Jack Black (Tenacious D, School of Rock)
MSJ: As a woman in a musical format that is dominated by men, has that been a difficult situation?
I think the music business is difficult no matter what your gender.
However, I probably have had it a bit easier because of Erik's huge contribution to the music of Lana Lane. Not to mention knowing that I always have someone I completely trust watching out for me - this certainly makes any difficult situation bearable.
MSJ: What was the last CD you bought, and/or, what have you been listening to lately?
The last CD I bought was "Frank Sinatra Live at the Sands" (live recording from 1965!) and Evanescense. The CDs I've been listening to are Lacuna Coil (Comalies), Filter (Title Of Record), Lana Lane (Secrets of Astrology) and Evanescense.
MSJ: What was the last concert you attended as a fan?
Ann Wilson (Heart) at the House Of Blues, Los Angeles - Wow! She still has THE best female rock voice ever!
MSJ: What has been your biggest Spinal Tap moment?
My biggest and best Spinal Tap moment was when I was performing with Weird Al Yankovic. He was singing "Addicted To Spuds" at the "Doctor Demento 20th TV Anniversary Show" and I was one of two guitar playing potatoes. The huge stuffed outfits were very similar to Mr. Potato Head. Thank goodness you couldn't recognize us!
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