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Interviewed by Gary Hill
Interview With Miriodor's Pascal Globensky from 2002
MSJ: Can you give me a run-down of the history of the band?
Please refer to our Website ( The history of the band is there.
MSJ: What is the origin of the name of the band?
It's a French made-up word I invented more than 20 years ago! It all has to do with the sun. In my late teens, I used to hang out with friends of mine in a place (a park) where we had a super spot to watch sunsets. We were kind of Sun Worshippers! One day, in an effort to express in words the quality of the beautiful sunset in front of us, the word "Miriodor" bursted out of my mouth. My friends besides me laughed but I decided to keep it in mind, thinking it was a cool name! It must also have something to do with the French word "miroir" (mirror); the 3 first letters being the same.
MSJ: Who are the members of the band?
From oldest to newest : Pascal Globensky (keyboards), Rémi Leclerc (percussion), Bernard Falaise (guitar/bass), Nicolas Masino (bass/keyboards), Marie-Chantal Leclair (saxes), Marie-Soleil Bélanger (violin).
MSJ: How would you describe your music?
An excellent soundtrack for the weirdest movie!
MSJ: Who would you see as your musical influences?
There are too many to tell, but certainly the 6 original bands of the Rock In Opposition movement.
MSJ: What can people coming to the concert expect to see from the band?
We'll be performing several pieces from "Mekano", some from "Elastic Juggling" and a few surprises. No stage act, no scientific lighting, but MUSIC.
MSJ: Where would you like to see yourself and the band 5 years from now?
You know, the band is more than 20 years old. I'd be happy if we're still together in 5 years!
MSJ: What have been the proudest moments of the band?
Well, there's no single great moments. Let's say that we were very thrilled when we played at the Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville in '88, when we played at the Montreal Jazz Festival, when we opened the Progscape in '96, when we opened the EdgeFest in 2000. All those were great moments, plus others (in Europe, for instance).
MSJ: What was your biggest Spinal Tap moment?
Well, the only thing I can think of is one the very first show of Miriodor. It was in a Highschool, and at one point during the show, the fire alarm rang! Someone came on stage to declare that there wasn't any fire, that someone had pulled the alarm as a kind of joke. Except that it was not everyone who was convinced that there wasn't any fire. So, while we resumed playing, there was great movement in the audience and people arguing if there was a fire or not. So during, 2 or 3 pieces, it was total chaos. But the audience finally sat down and enjoyed the rest of the show. Hope it's a good answer this time!
MSJ: What was the last concert you attended?
It was the launching of Montreal band called "Rouge Ciel". Their CD (eponymous) is on Ambiances Magnétiques. Good stuff, very promising, very Henry Cowish at times!
MSJ: What was the last CD you bought/what have you been listening lately?
Captain Beefheart's "Safe as milk" and "Mirror Man".
MSJ: What is the one thing you would really like people to know about Miriodor?
That we have tons of fun making that music!
MSJ: Is there anything you would like to add?
Hope to see you all at NearFest!
MSJ: This interview is available in book format (hardcover and paperback) in Music Street Journal: 2002 Year Book Volume 3 at
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