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Celtic Frost
CD Reviews
Into the Pandemonium
Review by Mike Korn
"Into the Pandemonium" remains a watershed album in the development of extreme metal but it has never been properly presented on CD until now. It's hard to figure out why it took so long, but at least it's finally here.
Review by Mike Korn
In the 16 years since Celtic Frost released their last studio album Vanity/Nemesis, the metal scene has recreated itself so many times that 1990 probably seems more like fifty years ago. Not that keeping up with the Joneses ever mattered to Celtic Frost...they have always existed "outside" of even the underground metal phenomena.
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Various Artists - The Strange Sound of Cthulhu: Music Inspired by the Writings of H.P. Lovecraft written by Gary Hill
Review by Lisa Palmeno
A bit of an editorial comment needs to be made here. Since the person you see as "ed." - that's "editor" not "Ed" - is the author of this book, this is a bit awkward in a way. I had considered not covering this book at MSJ, but that seems unfair as we do provide promotion in the form of reviews for other authors.
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