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CD Reviews
Out to Every Nation
Review by Mike Korn
Let's face it, it's almost impossible to find quality melodic heavy metal in the great tradition of the 70's and 80's today. Sure, you can find a "classic rock that really rocks" station in your area, but all that is is a trip down memory lane.
The Gathering
Review by Greg Olma
This may be the 6th release by Jorn Lande (under the Jorn name of course) but this is the first one I have really listened to closely.  His other albums have always been caught in passing and now I am a bit disappointed in myself for not taking the time to really give them a chance.
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Ayreon - - 01011001 – Special Edition CD and DVD
Review by Gary Hill
Ayreon is Arjen Luccassen. He creates magnificent rock operas under that name and manages to bring in some of the most impressive musicians in the business to work with him on these projects.
Allen-Lande - The Revenge
Review by Greg Olma
This 2nd collaboration between Russell Allen (Symphony X) and Jorn Lande (Masterplan) is one of the best releases I have gotten my hands on in I don't know how long.  Both guys are great singers but it's the material that is what is really impressive here.
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