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Fables & Dreams

Review by Greg Olma

The success of bands like Evanescence and Lacuna Coil has really opened the door for many female fronted bands. If I were to compare Lunatica with anyone, I would have to say they come close to Nightwish. The difference comes in the fact that Lunatica play more soundtrack type music. Early on, you feel that you a listening to a Lord of the Rings soundtrack. Once the band drops that, they really are a solid outfit that knows how to rock. Andrea's voice may not be as powerful as Tarja's (Nightwish) but it possesses an innocent quality that makes her stand out above the others. I recommend this release to anyone who likes this genre but I also recommend it to anyone who likes their music a little less straight forward.

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Track by Track Review
The Search Goes On
This is basically a movie score. There is a spoken word part that has me imaging a 2-foot Stonehenge being lowered from the rafters. This is soooo Spinal Tap. I know that it is used to set the story but this band is talented enough to write it into the songs.
Now this is more like it. This is symphonic rock with galloping drums. The chorus is catchy and Andrea starts the album on a high note.
This is one of the faster pieces on the album. There are a lot of keyboards on this one. The guitar is too far back in the mix.
Fable of Dreams
Piano starts off the track, and this has a nice interplay between Andrea and a male voice (my review copy didn't give the credits).
Still Believe
This is one of the standout tracks on this album. It contains a really good rock groove with Andrea's vocal riding on top.
The Spell
If you took out the keyboards, the intro could have come from a Hammerfall record. There are a few lines sung by a male voice and that ushers in the heavier parts of this one. This is another standout.
The Never-Ending Story
This is the most Nightwish number on the album. It is a really good rocker and completes the trio of standout cuts in a row.
The beginning of this song sounds just like the title would suggest. The vocals also follow in a hymm like fashion.
Silent Scream (2004)
I have not heard the original but this version is a winner. A piano intro starts off this rocker where Andrea sings in a choppy fashion. This is where all the elements of Lunatica come together and create a winner. This is the best song on the CD.
A Little Moment Of Desperation
They decide to end the disc in much better fashion than the way they started it. Changing the speed during the middle and ending sections really keeps the listener interested. 
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