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Shadows Fade

Shadows Fade

Review by Greg Olma

It is always nice to see a local boy make good. Kevin Chalfant, an Illinois native, puts his stamp on another melodic rock CD. His voice was really made for this type of music. It is high pitched enough to sing ballads but has enough low end to fit more rocking material. The guitar work (and pretty much everything else) is supplied by one time Dokken member Alex DeRosso. It seems Alex has been busy in the studio with other recent projects like Headrush. Like Headrush, this release follows a similar format. Both albums contain songs built around memorable choruses and catchy melodies.

There is definitely a market for this type material and an album like this proves it. It is more of a side project than “band” but that does not take away from the fact that these are good songs played well. I just hope that this isn’t the only release that we get from these two.

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Track by Track Review
Twisted Again

This track follows the blueprint for all melodic rock. Kevin sings a breathy style during the verses but then gives his lungs a workout during the chorus. That chorus will be running through your mind for so long that I found myself humming the tune a couple days later.
Sooner or Later

I hear a bit of Journey in this cut. There is a pre-chorus that sounds very “boy band-ish” and that ruins the song.
Run To Me

An acoustic guitar starts off this tune that turns into a power ballad. Kevin really shines on this one. It is very close to “Every Rose Has Its Thorn” by Poison.
My Ocean

This cut starts off heavy but mellows as it progresses. It’s not quite a rocker but it’s not a ballad either. No matter what it is, it is a good track and has that signature catchy melody. The guitar solo by Alex DeRosso is also very good.
First Love Song

Aside from the stupid lyrics in the chorus, this is a good ballad. The chorus is catchy but I wish they would have spent more time on the words. Chalfant proves that even with bad lyrics, he can still shine. I seem to be a bit hard on this track but listening to it multiple times does not help the words. This could have easily been the best track on the record had they come up with different lyrics.
Without You

There are only a few average tunes on this CD and this is one of them. It has all the right elements but it is missing that spark that elevates a song from mediocre to something special.
Give It In

Now this has that spark. The intro is very different from any of the other material here. DeRosso’s stint with Dokken rubbed off because this intro is pure Dokken. The rest of the track is moody in parts and just rocking in others. The guitar solo is perfect. I wish a few of the tracks were replaced with material like this.

Another cool intro starts off this cut. It follows a similar pattern as the previous piece but ends with a nice guitar solo.
I Won't Look Back

This is a Bon Jovi type ballad that falls short. After the two previous winners, this track really showcases its mediocrity. I can’t decide if this song or “Without You” is the worst one on the album.
Now That You're Gone

I knew these guys could come up with a decent ballad. The intro and verse is a little heavier but the chorus is catchy. Chalfant really shines on this cut.

This is mainly a piano ballad that has a nice heavy guitar part in the middle. I would not have ended this disc on a ballad but it is one of the better tracks that showcases both musicians.
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