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Review by Greg Olma

Hailing from Rio de Janeiro, Tribuzy is the band named after its main man Renato Tribuzy. This is the type of metal that is being played in places other than the United States. It’s a shame that most American audiences don’t know who Tribuzy is because this is quality metal played and sung well. It has a few modern euro-metal elements thrown in but all in all, this more of a classic metal record. Even some of the metal greats make an appearance including Bruce Dickinson and Michael Kiske among others. If you like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Queensryche, etc, then this CD will fit comfortably along side those disks in your collection.

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Track by Track Review

The CD opens in fine form with this faster paced metal tune in Megadeth style. It is not really thrash metal but it does have some of that latter day Megadeth sound to it. The vocals sound like Geoff Tate. The structure is a lot like “Master Of Puppets” by Metallica. There is a slow mid section just like that song. As it progresses, it moves into more of a power metal tune before going back to the beginning style. This is the best track on the record.
Forgotten Time

This sounds more like a hard edged Dokken cut. The vocals really make this track but overall, the playing is really good.
The Attempt

I like that this is metal without trying to copy the current trends. Sure, this cut has some of the power metal elements but it doesn’t rely on it for the whole track. Those double bass drums can be annoying when not done right. The vocals are a throw back to when the singing soared over the song.
Divine Disgrace

The intro reminds me of Guns ‘n Roses “My Michelle” until it kicks into quite the rocker. There are some screaming vocals in the background that have “Rob Halford” written all over them. This is a really good track also, but it doesn’t seem to have the catchy chorus the others have.

This track starts off with soundtrack-ish music. It is an odd start but it works itself into a really good Savatage type song. The vocals sound like Geoff Tate.. The catchy chorus is back and really helps this one be memorable. The vocals are courtesy of Michael Kiske of Helloween fame.
Web of Life

Of all of the songs on offer here, this is the most power metal throughout; sort of. It is fast paced but it does not contain the double bass drumming that is part of all power metal. It is an average track and based on the cuts before it, this band can come up with better material.
Nature of Evil

This is also a Savatage sounding track but this sounds more like Jon Oliva vocals. These guys write some really melodic choruses that stick in your head. This is one of the better songs on the album.
Lake of Sins

Although this is a good rocker, there is nothing special about it. The chorus is not as catchy as on the previous offerings.
Beast In the Light

This starts off with a riff that is very close to Iron Maiden’s “2 Minutes To Midnight.” This could easily be a Maiden tune and part of that is because Bruce Dickinson sings on it. It’s not very original but if you’re going to copy Maiden, then you might as well get Bruce to put the vocals onto it.

An aggressive (no pun intended) fast paced rocker closes this album. The song isn’t as immediate as some of the others but it is a great way to end the disc. The mid section slows things down a touch but they speed back up before the show concludes.
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