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Metal/Prog Metal CD Reviews

Sekond Skyn

Addicted To Chaos

Review by Greg Olma

This is the third release from New Jersey’s Sekond Skyn.  I have not heard their two previous releases but based on Addicted To Chaos, I will definitely check them out.  It is kind of refreshing to hear metal that does not have the “cookie monster” vocals and riffing that still has melody.  Many of today’s metal bands lack any melody or hook and instead seem to try to “out-heavy” the next band.  Sekond Skyn seem to be cut from the same cloth as the NWOBHM bands in that they are still heavy but keep an underlying melody in place.  Sure, there are modern elements to Addicted To Chaos.  The vocals go from clean to an intense bark/scream but that only makes this package a little more unique.  I don’t think this record is groundbreaking but they do put a number of their influences in the mix to make it a really good metal release.

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Track by Track Review
Heroin Within
This release starts off with Black Sabbath riffing with a modern grunge twist, and the bridge has a bit of psychedelic elements which make for an interesting mix.  The track shows many of the elements that you will find throughout the rest of the disc and is a nice start to this record.
California Dreamin’

This one starts off with a NWOBHM riff but the vocals let you know it’s a modern tune.  The chorus again finds its way into NWOBHM territory.  I like the mix of newer metal verses and old-school chorus.  They show their influences but still make it their own.

The Balance

Things slow down a bit but still stay heavy.  Jon Follet puts in a great vocal performance on this tune.  There is a cool melodic hook to the chorus and although it is not one of the heavier tracks on offer here, it is one of the better cuts.

Dead Inside

Sekond Skin goes back to their brand of metal in this mid-paced riff heavy tune.  Although it’s not one of the heaviest tunes I’ve heard, there is something inherently brutal about this track.  It also has a tribal groove to it which makes this one another winner on this disc.

State Of Mind

A voice mail message starts off this song which musically is similar to the previous track.  Follet utilizes two vocals styles on this one; a clean one and a one that is more of an intense scream.  Both styles work really well in the song and it gives the impression of two vocalists.


The intro is mellow but it builds into a heavier song as it gets to the chorus.  This tune is similar to “The Balance” and although it is good, I would have to go with the previous song as being better.  It is still a good track and should not be skipped over.

The Pit

Here is a brutal tune that will get the mosh pits going when they play it live.  It’s not really fast but it’s heavy as hell.  The chorus has that thrash sound that is perfect for getting the crowd going in circles and creating a mosh pit.  If you like old school thrash, then this track is for you.


The band continues with another intense tune and although it’s got all the right parts, it’s the most pedestrian sounding track on Addicted To Chaos.  There are better cuts all over this record so this one kind of stands out as being average.


Things slow down again for a bit at the beginning of this tune but it builds into a really catchy song.  There are many different parts to this track that not only make it interesting (geez, metal is interesting!  Who would have thought?) but show that these guys have the ability to go in different directions within the same song.

Land Down Under

You guessed it.  This is the Men At Work hit.  They stick close to the original in spirit but they really “metal” it up quite a bit.  It is easily recognizable but they play it in a style that fits their own material.

The Vanity

Aside from the vocals, this tune has a euro-metal sound.  The song is catchy and melodic like most euro-metal but the style does not fit the rest of the tracks on the disc.  I like the track but it is kind of the odd man out on Addicted To Chaos.

Space Between Us

Don’t let the intro fool you, this is a heavy tune with some great guitar riffing compliments of Eddie Heedles and Mark Monjoy.  The chorus is mellow which gives the song a nice dark and light feel.

Going Under
The record ends on an acoustic note.  It’s just guitar and vocals but it really works.  The vocals and harmonies show that Sekond Skyn has many tricks up their collective sleeves.
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