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Metal/Prog Metal CD Reviews


Human Parasite

Review by Gary Hill

This is quite an accessible heavy metal album. There’s not really any innovation here, but rather just very well constructed metal that runs the gamut from power metal to 1980s metal and epic territory. These guys touch all the bases in a melodic metal sound that never gets old or fails to entertain. It might not be the most original music you’ve ever heard, but it will feed your hunger for heavy metal.

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Track by Track Review
Cleansed By Fire

It’s rather amazing the scope and range of this song considering it’s less than five minutes in length. It covers power metal, epic metal and even prog metal territories. And it does it all without ever seeming to lose direction or cohesiveness.

Stand Up
There’s more of a 1980s metal sound here, but it’s the good side of that sound. This just plain rocks! It’s got a killer guitar solo section, too. Parts of it might make one think of Judas Priest, too.
Evil In Me
This starts with a weird little bit of cartoon music. It shifts out to a killer metal track that combines a tasty slow metal riff with a slower groove that seems a bit like Alice Cooper. This is definitely one of the coolest tracks on show. There’s a smoking hot guitar solo built into this and some of that 80s metal shows up at points, too.
Time Will Change
Another that shows a wide range of styles, part of this is pretty purely balladic, while other music has a rocking 1980s sound. It’s another strong cut, and it feels quite familiar in some ways.
Human Parasite
They bring this in with one of the heaviest metallic jams of the whole disc. It continues in that fashion, but has some of the accessibility we have heard throughout the disc. I liken the sound to the 1980s and 1990s Ozzy. This is a real screamer.
This short instrumental is intricate and pretty.
East Comes To West
As this comes in it feels rather like electronica. They twist it to more of a metallic groove, but in a lot of ways this is less metal than anything else here. It’s got some metal, but seems more rooted in a hard edged classic rock sound. It is quite accessible and quite tasty. They drop it down mid-track to an almost prog-like balladic section, but then power it out to a mean metal solo.
Children Of The Future
Technical metal starts this and it modulates out to more mainstream stuff as it continues. It has a very 1980s metal texture to it. It’s anthemic and powerful and has some killer guitar soloing.
Caught In Your Web
More of a standard metal number, this feels like it could have come out of the 1980s.
Tame Your Demons
Super heavy and super aggressive, the intro to this thing really stomps. There’s a killer guitar solo built into this.
Might Of Secrets
There is no huge change in the formula, but this is great accessible metal.     
King For A Day
More dramatic and technical, this is a powerhouse epic metal tune at its start. It drops to a more stripped down motif for the verse and the song alternates between epic metal and 1980s styled power metal.
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