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Metal/Prog Metal CD Reviews

Home Run

Black World

Review by Kat Heitzman

It looks like metal is sweeping through Italy, which this band calls home. Upon reviewing this CD I have rekindled a sincere fondness for European metal. 

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Track by Track Review

The intro on this CD sets the stage for the melodic journey on which you are about to embark.

Silence’s broken
The first song, “Silence’s Broken” has a great sound mix and these highly talented musicians play their behinds off while the singer has a unique voice. You want to say he sounds like someone, but then it seems like he sounds like a combo of many. This has some great guitar solos in it and is a great start to this CD.
No more

This starts off with some heavier riffs and some keyboards.  I really like keyboard in what I refer to as classical metal and that is the sound this gives off. The singer, Matteo Albarellcan, really hits those higher notes with very little effort. This piece is very catchy and the guitar is really heavy. I love this cut.

As we did before

This song starts off with some piano and reminds me of some Savatage when Jon Oliva replaced his brother Criss in the band after his tragic death. This is definitely a ballad and the vocals fit in nicely with the music.

Ephimeral light

This must be the song they play live and love. It has such a great flow and mix of sounds.  It exudes the energy felt at a live show. The guitar in this squeals out metal string delight and it truly makes you think of a possible Yngwie Malmsteen influence.

Our love song

Reminding me of an 80s glam song, this really feels a little out of place.

Black World

This title track starts off having a little of the same feel as the last one, but has some background vocals that make it unique. It finishes a little unexpectedly with some great guitar solos.

Princess of time

This is a beautiful ballad. I really can appreciate the quality of melodic metal, and this is one of those that I will keep in my rotating collection. This is sort of a fairy tale set to music.

The golden cage

Here they speed up the pace a bit more and this is a well constructed song. The vocalist has great range and really brings the vocals from deep within. This is another number that has a hint of Savatage influence.


The lyrics have a great way of sucking you in and the guitar in this one is definitely worth a listen.

Intoxication of love

This tune has a dramatic start and an interesting combination of keyboard and cymbals. It has a different sound, for sure, and the keyboardist gets to show off his skills a bit. This sounds like it could possibly be played on the radio and at the roller rink. Do they have roller rinks in Italy?


This song has a great melody. The way the music just pours out of this vocalist shows off real natural talent.

Another reason to
This cut has that 80s vibe also. It is a very cool number with catchy lyrics.
No more (acoustic version - bonus track )

This is a bonus track and an acoustic version. The acoustics are very pretty and I prefer the song this way.

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