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Metal/Prog Metal CD Reviews

Five Finger Death Punch

American Capitalist

Review by Mike Heitzman

This is clearly the best Five Finger CD so far. It is the best produced and best sounding and the music has matured and grown to stand tall alongside some of the most talented artists in the genre. 

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Track by Track Review
American Capitalist

This starts out by thumping hard and sets the tone for the entire album. Most of the songs revolve around this one and it is about the greedy American who  is only out for himself. It is a very powerful opening.

Under and Over It

This goes along with the first song, very rebellious and hardcore. There are good riffs and a strong guitar solo.

The Pride

This talks about being all American and living the dream. Again, it is slurring American culture and is trying to make some kind of a point, but still does not really explain the angst in this band or what they are really fills them with pride. It is a very good song though.

Coming Down

A slower song, this one of two on this disc I find myself skipping. I am not sure if it is about coming down from drugs and feeling lousy, or just plain feeling lousy and making others feel that way too. The band’s talent shows through on this song, though.


They get right back at it with this one. The fast beats will remind you of Mudvayne and the vocals start to reminisce of some Mushroomhead influences. I just love the guitar solo in this. It is so old school and really shows some talent.

Generation Dead

One of the catchiest tunes on this release, the vocal effects are haunting and you can really hear the feeling come through.  It seems like a very suicidal song, but I get what their point is. It is so sad how a lot of this younger generation thinks they have nothing for which to live.

Back For More

Here’s another catchy tune that has a lot of influences behind it. It’s a very inspirational tune that basically says to never give up. “Show them all you won’t be beaten.” This is good stuff, man!

Remember Everything

This is the second slow song I skip through sometimes, but that is just my taste. I am sure a lot of fans of slow rock would love this tune. It is very well written and performed.

Wicked Ways

This is a great party song. It talks about a crazy drunk that is not too polite. I know that has been covered in many country western songs already, but it also fits really well here with this fast thrash.

If I Fall

This follows along with the general topic of this CD. It is about punks who only care about themselves. It has very aggressive riffs and awesome drums throughout.

100 Ways to Hate

This is my absolute favorite song from Five Finger Death Punch. It almost borders on old school mosh. With very blatant lyrics, the hate is apparent, but we don’t get a list of all one hundred items.  I guess we will have to wait until their next CD to see if they elaborate on the theme.

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