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Metal/Prog Metal CD Reviews


Sic Semper Tyrannis

Review by Gary Hill

These guys are pretty extreme metal, but there’s a lot more here than just that. We get a definite Latin vibe a lot of the time. Proggy aspects, a bit like modern King Crimson, show up at times. It gets rather tribal at points, too. One thing that really separates this from a lot of heavy metal is the bass work. There is some amazing bass playing on this thing. The really interesting thing is, they keep it ferocious and brutal, despite the other elements here.

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Track by Track Review

A smoking hot metal jam opens this. The vocals are forceful and raw. The music has some crazy twists, but it’s all metal and pretty extreme metal at that. There is, though, a bit of a world music element in the piece in terms of some of the musical progressions.

There’s sort of a rubbery groove to the rhythm section on this and while still definitely metal, somehow there’s almost a prog (ala modern King Crimson) feeling to this. There is some awesome guitar soloing in this, even if it’s a short section.
Frantic and raw metal is heard here. There’s a bit of a groove to it and mostly screamed vocals. This is heavy and still manages to be melodic. There is definitely a Latin vibe here. At times it turns towards thrash and at other points it gets almost prog metal like, yet all along it’s brutal.
Santa Pedofilia
There’s a killer riff that opens this up and we’re off on another smoking hot brutal jam. The bass takes command at a couple points and there are some almost jazz like bits in this thing.
Super heavy, this is like Black Sabbath meets Metallica. It’s another raw and brutal cut that really rocks. As it gets more crazed later there’s an almost psychedelic section.
There’s another killer riff driving this and the vocals have a great rhythmic element to them. This is very Latin in terms of those vocals and this thing is heavy as heck. There is some almost funky bass at times on this as they create some intriguing jams later.
A killer fusion-like bass sound opens this and holds it for a time. As the vocals enter it’s in the most melodic arrangement we’ve heard. This is quite mellow and sort of sits somewhere between progressive rock and jazz. It builds out from there turning harder rocking, but not quite metal. There is definitely a psychedelic element at work here. It’s past the minute and a half mark before it gets crunchy and even then it’s more like a metallic fusion. It drops back down after that movement to more of that psychedelic rock sound, but that is interspersed with reprises of the more metallic fusion-like sounds.
Rapa Nui
Frantic, off-kilter and brutal, this is a big change from the previous tune. It’s got a weird interplay between the voices and the instruments have a give and take that seems to complement it well. While this piece is far from any kind of straight line approach, it’s also awesome. There’s a great fast paced jam later that has some elements of progressive rock, but delivered with the same brutality heard on the rest of the set.
A tribal rhythm, along with some chanting in the background opens this and holds it through the introduction. Then they pound out into more of the pounding, fast, brutal metal heard throughout the majority of the set. Around the two and a half minute mark it drops back to psychedelic space rock built on this tribal elements from the introduction. Then it screams out into more melodic, but still brutal, metal after that. The mellower sounds return for a short interlude and then they take things into an almost fusion like jam that has some funk in the mix. That gives way to a return to the earlier, brutal metal sound.
Brutal and crazed metal, rather like hardcore punk opens this and holds it for a time. Then it erupts into a more melodic jam. They alternate between these sounds and merge them together.
Who Is Next?
Another slab of quirky brutal metal ends the set in style.
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