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Metal/Prog Metal CD Reviews

Miss May I

At Heart

Review by Mike Heitzman

This third release from Ohio rockers Miss May I will not disappoint. For a modern hardcore album, I must say that every song is different and worth listening to.That is saying a lot for this genre. I find myself skipping through many tracks in other similar band’s CDs. I have tested my speakers at full blast with this CD quite a bit recently. 

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Track by Track Review
At Heart

Here is a very intense synthesized opening instrumental to this hardcore CD.

Hey Mister
I love the drums in this track. It prepares you for the rest of the CD, and is very intense to say the least. This song pretty much sets the tone and concept for the album. Have any of you heard "Hey Mister" from an authority figure before?
Opening Wounds

Another thumping hardcore jam, this starts off with some fierce growls by lead Levi Benton. Then it takes you through some crooning choruses performed by bassist Ryan Neff, and then seems to build up at the end and thump even more.


This song is very intense all the way around. There are a lot of change ups and the unique guitar riffs make it very listenable. "You pathetic, worthless, leech,” the lyrics proclaim. I've known a few... and, I just love the chorus, "parasite, remove your teeth from me.”  This sure is a good chant.

Second to No One

You can tell this was written to be an arena song. It would give the crowd plenty of chance to roar on cue. Big crowds love the cue to yell built in to these modern hardcore songs. Also, the huge bass blasts are great in this track. And, the guitar/bass slide during the "Hey!" cues, are a very neat touch.

Sirens Song

This starts out just blasting away at your woofers. Then it goes into some very sharp lead guitar work. This one really showcases their talent. Not only instrumentally, but Levi Benton's range comes out here, and you can really tell he is giving it his all with his growls and viscous screams. The lyrics are a very strange comprehension of the ancient mariner tale of the Sirens, magical beasts that would lure ships to their doom with their phantom like screams.

Day by Day

This is one of my favorites. It’s another good chanting song and would be great played live. It’s also another song about having parasites around you.

Bleeding Out

“Shred, shred, shred,” that’s all that needs to be said.  There’s a little crooning to mix it up, but this is one of their most heavy songs on this release. "Let it flow, let it burn!"

Road of the Lost

A spiritual song about choosing between right and wrong, a lot of crooning and growl mix in this tune, accompanied by some nice bends on the guitar.

Found Our Way
This song is about living your life to its fullest. One of the slower songs, this is the closest to a ballad you will get from these guys, I think.
Gold to Rust

I’m pretty sure this song is about losing your faith, since it says over and over to not pray. But, I must say when they really push that thought at the end; it makes for an awesome chant and thumping music to do it with.

Live This Life

Again, they talk about living your life to its fullest. And now they even get heavier and faster while preaching that idea. Some of the riffs in this song are my favorite from Miss May I.

Ballad of a Broken Man

OK, I lied, they do have an official "ballad,” but this is far from the speed or intensity of any ballad you have heard before. Very fast and sharp guitar riffs throughout. You can tell they wanted to leave you with a powerful song, and he even screams, "this is goodbye!” I wonder if they play this as their last song in concert.

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