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Metal/Prog Metal CD Reviews

The Dead Centuries

Race Against Time

Review by Gary Hill

They say that you can't judge a book by its cover. This album goes a long way toward proving that adage. Looking at the cover of this, you might think that the album is a techno or punk set. The log and cover art just seem to convey that concept to me. The truth is, though, this is an instrumental set of guitar based numbers. It's more of a more metal version of Joe Satriani. It's an intriguing set that manages to entertain while landing more on the technical end of the spectrum.

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Track by Track Review
Freddy Lounds
There is a lot of technical metal built into this opening instrumental piece. It's fast paced and impressive. It has some intriguing changes along the road.

I love the killer groove on this thing, yet the guitar riffing really steals the show here. It's another that leans heavily on the technical end of the spectrum. A piano based keyboard section takes the track late and ends it without any guitar.

More of a mean, song based metal texture is on hand here. This has some moments that lean toward metallic progressive rock of acts like Dream Theater.
Tree Fort

There is plenty of melodic hard rock in the mix here. This gets metallic on its edge, too, though. It's another hot instrumental to continue the musical themes of this disc. There are some mellow interludes built into this one.

Blood Dragon
The main riff driving this is much meaner. There is some killer metal at the heart of this screaming hot number.
Attack of the Mutant (feat. Jeff Tremblett)
Incredibly metallic and equally technical, this has some weird changes. It's an intriguing number that works quite well. It's less melodic than a lot of the rest, but that's not a bad thing.
Venus Gospel

I love the balance between the mellower and fierce on this screaming hot cut. This is another great example of the kind of instrumental metal that this album represents.

Overdrive (feat. James Krul)
While this is a bit more direct than the previous tune, it has some good changes and variants built into it.
Attack of the Mutant Pt. II
I really love some of the guitar soloing on this meaty stomper. It's another killer instrumental on a disc that's packed with them.
Souvenir (feat. Jacob McSheffrey)
Another screamer of an instrumental, this is heavy and fierce. The closing movement takes it into more melodic territory.
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