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Metal/Prog Metal CD Reviews


They Are

Review by Gary Hill

This album was actually released last year, but there is a new promo push as they've just released a new video. The disc perhaps doesn't fit under metal, but in terms of nu-metal, I'd say it does. The most common reference point here is probably Godsmack, but Tool is another that shows up frequently. There are also hints of things like Metallica. All in all, this is quite a cool disc.

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Track by Track Review
There is a binary, industrial grind as this song comes out of the gate. The cut works out from there into a cool nu-metal kind of stomper. This is classy stuff.
They Are We

Imagine a more metal version of Godsmack. You'll find yourself in territory similar to this powerhouse tune.

The New Dream

This is another hard rocking and very tasty slab of modern hard rock merged with nu-metal. It's not a big change, but is an effective tune.


There is a real trippy, atmospheric quality to this number. It has some definite psychedelia built into it. There are some middle-Eastern musical elements here, too. While this is somewhat subtler than some of the other music here, it's still a hard-edged and metallic piece. That's particularly true of the killer instrumental section. This is one of my favorites here.

Fire In Disguise

While in some ways this is another subtle tune, it has a real metallic edge to it. It's one that calls to mind Godsmack more than a lot of the other do. It has a nice balance between the mellower and the heavier. I suppose that Tool is a valid reference on this cut, too.

Super heavy and metallic, this is energized and quite tasty. There are definite Godsmack comparisons to be made, but there are plenty of other things here, too. This is modern metal, but metal nonetheless.
Pill For The Pill
Crunching hard rock is on hand here. This is a cool stomper that isn't a big change but still manages to stand tall.
Only Liars

In a big change of pace, acoustic guitar brings this into being. It has more of a melodic rocking sound as it works out. I wouldn't call it a ballad, but it is mellower than anything else to this point.

Prize of Nothingness

Acoustic guitar along with a flute-like instrument creates the sound at the start of this. It holds the piece as it moves forward in gentle way. Mid-track it shifts to a percussion workout, with drums taking over completely after a bit. This instrumental is neither metal nor one of my favorites, but it is a nice change.

How on Earth

Some of the guitar riffing on this number feel downright psychotic. There is a bit of a psychedelic, trippy element to this. Yet, it's decidedly hard rocking, too. Comparisons to Tool are valid. There are some unusual changes, and one section has some intriguing timing. The mellow section at the end is a nice touch.

Pushing The Stone

Another cut that is quite dynamic, this one starts dynamic and more melodic. It grows out from there to more of a rocking kind of affair after a while. It gets very heavy before it's all over and done.


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