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Metal/Prog Metal CD Reviews

Lynch Mob

The Elektra Years 1990-1992

Review by Gary Hill

I have to admit that by the time George Lynch had parted ways with Dokken and formed Lynch Mob, my tolerance for 80s metal (to me, it's not really metal, but it's called that, so that is where I landed this review) had worn pretty thin. So, I don't think I ever heard this band. That's really a shame because these two albums are so good. They really manage to elevate the whole "hair metal" game and work so well. I'm glad to have finally gotten around to hearing these guys.

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Track by Track Review
CD1: Wicked Sensation (1990)
Wicked Sensation

Smoking hot guitar riffing brings this in with a mean sound. The cut has some cool hooks and really rocks well.

River Of Love
This has more of the pop metal sound that was the rage in those days. This still has some killer guitar work. This makes me think of Guns N' Roses just a little. 
Sweet Sister Mercy
More of a raunch and roller, this rocker is gritty and classy.
All I Want
More of a mellower, dropped back, blues rock sound is on the menu here. This is a killer version of the type of music one expects from this genre. This gets more powered up and rocking as it works its way forward.
Hell Child
This is another typical, but meaty rocker.
She’s Evil But She’s Mine
This might be the best tune on this first CD. It starts with a dramatic and rather mysterious mode. It eventually works out more of a mainstream hard rocking jam from there. This is a powerhouse tune.
Dance Of The Dogs
There is some real magic in this number along with plenty of fierce metal. It's another powerhouse tune.
While this is not a big change, it's a cool hair metal stomper.
No Bed Of Roses
I really like the guitar work on this tune so much. That said, the vocal hooks are tasty, as well. This is just another strong tune.
Through These Eyes
While there are no big changes here, the guitar soloing on this cut is so strong.
For A Million Years
The opening on this has a dramatic rocking sound. It drops to more of a stripped back movement for the verse. While this is somewhat generic for the time, it's also done so well that it really stands tall. The melodic instrumental section later is so classy and exploratory.
Street Fightin’ Man

This screaming hot powerhouse is another standout tune. That makes it a great song to end the album proper. The guitar riffs are so tasty and the vocal hooks are really mean. The tune has some great changes and really rocks.

Bonus Track:
Wicked Sensation (Edit)
As you might guess, this is an alternate edition of the title track of the album. It doesn't feel much different than original version.
CD2: Lynch Mob (1992)


Jungle Of Love

This is an energetic and entertaining tune. This is another that shows how this band elevates this genre by just doing it so well.

Tangled In The Web

Some horns (or perhaps they are synthesized) bring an interesting flavor to this tune. This has a cool, almost funky edge to it. This isn't "by the numbers" hair metal by any means. I'd consider to the both unexpected and very strong.

No Good
Now this is an interesting twist, too. The guitar riffing makes me think of AC/DC. The overall song structure and delivery, though, lands more in the typical 80s metal zone.
Dream Until Tomorrow
This is more of a melodic rocker. It has some soaring sections and really works well. There is a cool little excursion into psychedelia and then proggy zones later in the tune.
Cold Is The Heart
Fierce, hard rocking sounds with some meaty concepts brings this into being. It's a nice contrast to the last tune.
Tie Your Mother Down
Here we get a cover of the classic Queen tune. They put in a pretty faithful version of the song. That said, no one can compete with Freddy Mercury. The instrumental section here is a real departure, taking it in a neo-classically tinged metal zone. That part is where they make the song their own.
Heaven Is Waiting
While this is a fairly standard tune, the instrumental section again elevates. There are some of those neo-classical elements here, too.
I Want It
Here we get a screaming hot powerhouse hair metal stomper. This has some killer jamming built into it. It's another killer tune.
When Darkness Calls
I really dig the fierce metal concepts of the opening movement. It drops to a mellower section that's more reflective, but no less interesting.
The Secret

This thing is fierce and so cool. It's a scorcher that manages to be melodic, too. There are parts of this that again make think of Guns N' Roses just a little.

Bonus Tracks For Japan


Love Finds A Way

Here we get another smoking hot 80s metal tune. This has a soaring kind of growing arrangement and some great hooks.

Love In Your Eyes

Not a big surprise, this is just another particularly effective piece of music.

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