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Live in Chicago, March 2010

Review by Greg Olma

I had a great time at the last Kreator show in Chicago which was almost a year ago.  They are still out promoting their excellent Hordes Of Chaos album but they changed up the show so many of us (myself included) didn’t see a repeat of the previous leg of the tour.  With such a wealth of material to choose from, I knew it would be easy enough for the band to create a new show.

They did come onto the stage like before with the “Choir Of The Damned” intro but instead, this time they launched onto “The Pestilence” from Pleasure To Kill.  Right away, the show started off differently which makes the fans turn out for all their concerts knowing yhey will get something different.  Since this is really still the Hordes Of Chaos Tour, they performed the title track next.  It was just as brutal as the CD version and I was surprised at how clear the sound was that evening.  “Phobia” was next before Mille Petrozza and company commenced with a couple from the Enemy Of God record, namely “Impossible Brutality” and the title track.

Greg Olma
Greg Olma

Last time I saw Kreator, I noticed that the band names their records after the standout cuts so it was no surprise that they play a lot of title tracks.  This time around, they played the title tracks off of Endless Pain, Pleasure To Kill, Terrible Certainty, Extreme Aggression, and Coma Of Souls.  Most were played last time around but they managed to bring back “Endless Pain” into the set on this leg.  The album Violent Revolution got a nice little mini presentation towards the end of the set.  They played “Servant In Heaven-King In Hell” which was another new addition while continuing to play the intro “The Patriarch” and the title track.  Both are great tunes and deserve to be in the set but for my money, the addition of “Servant In Heaven-King In Hell” was what really made the concert for me.  They finished off the set with “Demon Prince” off of Hordes Of Chaos. Considering they were still out promoting that CD, it was surprising there were only two songs performed from it.

Greg Olma
Greg Olma

Kreator crowds are pretty loyal and they certainly were not going to let them leave without some more tunes.  The band obliged and performed “When The Sun Burns Red”.  They still had another couple of tunes to play but Mille got the crowd going by having us scream “HATE” right before they went into “Flag Of Hate” and “Tormentor”.  This was only my second time seeing Kreator and based on this performance and the previous one, I will be catching this band live anytime they make it to my neck of the woods.  If you are looking for a great old school thrash metal show, go see Kreator.  They may be the elder statesmen of that genre but they still “bring it” live. 

Greg Olma
Greg Olma
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Greg Olma
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