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Non-Prog Concert Reviews

The Toadies

Live in Portland, Oregon, July 2010

Review by Larry Toering

Some things never change. This is true after seeing the Toadies for the second time after so many years. The Pan is one of my favorite spots and needs no introduction, but on this particular night it was dangerously hot and equally humid. With the very entertaining SmootchKnob opening, and then being treated to another good act called “Dead Country,” the place was all of a sudden near capacity.

This increased the heat to a major degree and before long Todd Lewis, Clark Vogeler and company hit the stage and  it was an awesome sight to witness the crowd participation as they came out blasting with tracks like “Dead Boy” and “Suck Magic” both from Feeler being played early in the set as a means to instantly establish their freshness  among the more familiar songs.

These guys simply play like freaking monsters! Riff after pounding, catchy riff they proceeded to pulverize the crowd, who responded with thundering sparks of reciprocating energy. It was hard to believe it was an over 21 show, because the fans were as berserk as teenagers. Pounding rhythm and crippling vocals, scratchy feedback guitar solos and cracking drums collided as each sector blew back and forth and met in the middle with the talents of unique front man Todd Lewis. He is an awe inspiring gent who does not look the part but kills it with the best of them.

Larry Toering
Larry Toering

They rocked like no other through one hit track after another, and peaked at about mid way with “Possum Kingdom.” Before it was all over, they served up greats such as “Deliverence,” and “I Come From The Water,” which had the crowd under complete control. The vibe was so great it didn't matter that everyone in the place was soaking wet. Not a band to waste a second, they quickly came back for a couple of encores. They outdid themselves with an astonishing version of the Beatles “Don't Let Me Down.” With their tough as nails scorching sound they pulled off a vicious, brutal rendition of the old classic. They really knew how to keep a crowd busy... again, it was unreal participation.

Larry Toering
Larry Toering

The Toadies at this point actually even resembled the Beatles a tad because of the screaming girls, (some of them, even crying).  I've only seen that kind of worship a couple of times, seriously. It's a cult following if I've ever seen one, it's always great when you get an equal buzz from the crowd as the band... it's worth the excitement. They kicked the sweat out of the entire packed house, something rarely done anymore. They brought it and then some, Texas style post-grunge for the northwest on a hot July night. Vogeler didn't hesitate when all was over and done, to un strap his guitar and top the night off with a mosh dive, three or four bounces and back on the stage he went with ease! 

Larry Toering
Larry Toering

There weren't any points in the show where one could run outside for a breather, it was too intensely captivating.  So within minutes after the show the majority of crowd was gone as fast as they slipped in to fill it up. The guys didn't waste a second and basically came right down off the back of the stage and out into what would've been a mob if the majority of the fans had known they'd be doing so. It was amazing how they displayed so much energy and power and immediately snapped  right back and blended in with the Feelers like it was nothing... something most acts would crawl away from, dragging their feet.

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Larry Toering
Larry Toering
Larry Toering
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