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Progressive Rock DVD/Video Reviews

Pink Floyd

Rock Milestones - Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon DVD

Review by Gary Hill

This is sort of a mixed bag. Parts of it are quite good, while other aspects leave a lot to be desired. The best part of this is the lead up to the Dark Side of the Moon coverage. Roughly a third of the video is taken up by that. While it seems that you really need context to put the album into perspective, it seems that it might have made sense to have less of that and more coverage of the actual album.

That said, I found the lead-up stuff informative, well done and quite entertaining. It was once they actually got to the album in question that they lost me. There were short clips of the actual music from the real disc there, but most was either live clips or covers of the music by others. While we got quite a bit of detail in terms of interview segments and more in the lead-up, once they got to the album itself, it became more about these non-Pink-Floyd-studio-album clips and less about information.

Perhaps if this were titled "The Road to Dark Side of the Moon" or something like that, it would be more accurate. The fact is, I really did enjoy the preliminary stuff, and I think this is worthwhile for that. Unfortunately, once they got to the actual Dark Side... stuff, they lost my interest completely. It really fails from that point forward. That said, I still think this has enough value to earn an overall positive review.

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