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Lee Curtis & The All Stars

Let's Stomp: The Brits Are Rocking 5

Review by Gary Hill

Apparently this outfit was a short-lived group that were around Liverpool at the same time The Beatles were getting together. There is a definite Beatles-type element to a lot of the music here. I'd suggest that Lee Curtis seemed to channel Elvis Presley a bit more than was prudent. That said, in some ways the sound of this group has a more modern angle than a lot of their competitors. All in all, this holds up quite well.

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Track by Track Review
Boppin' The Blues
I love the classic old-school rock and roll sound of this number. The guitar soloing is so tasty, too. This fun romp is such a great way to start the set.
Let's Stomp (1st version)
I'm reminded a little of Elvis Presley on this, but I like this much better than that. Again, the guitar soloing is on fire.
I've Got My Eyes On You
Not as effective, but still pretty solid, this is a bouncy kind of old-school rock and roller meets contemporary pop music.
This is dramatic, but I'm not crazy about it. It's a bit overly theatrical.
I really like this tune a lot. It's nothing Earth shattering, but it just works so well.
Irresistable You
Rock and roll with some hints of jazz over the top, this is classy stuff.
Nobody But You
The acapella opening brings a gospel kind of vibe to the table. The cut grinds out from there to more retro rock and roll. This has plenty of style and charm.
Memphis, Tennessee
This Elvis-styled rocker works so well. It's driving and tasty.
It's Only Make Believe
This balladic piece really sounds a lot like Elvis. I'm not really a fan of this one.
A Mess Of Blues
More Presley-like sound is on the menu here. The cut works pretty well, but isn't a real standout.
My Baby
This cut oozes cool out of every pore. It's not high energy, but it's also not quite what I'd call mellow.
Sticks And Stones
Horns bring a jazzy edge, and the whole tune just rocks and grooves with a lot of style.
I love the horn soloing on this tune. This is a real standout.. It has both rock and roll and jazz built into its catchy chassis.
Hello Josephine
With a doo wop concept, this is a fun track. It has a killer guitar solo.
Stand By Me
Imagine Elvis Presley doing this chestnut, with his trademark stylizations. You'd have something pretty close to this. I'm not fond of this version of the tune.
Slow Down
I dig the rock and roll groove on this tune. it's energized and fun.
Shot Of Rhythm And Blues
There is some Elvis in the mix here, but there is also a bit of a tastefully raw rock and roll edge to it. I'm reminded quite a bit of early Beatles.
When I Get Paid
Another with a lot of Elvis in the mix, this is a classy tune. This is another that also make me think of the Fab Four to some degree.
Can't Help Falling In Love
Speaking of Elvis Presley, here we get a cover of one of his trademark tunes. I think this works pretty well. Of course, with that in mind, I'm not a fan of Mr. Presley. I don't hear a lot of change from the way I remember this song, though.
Let's Stomp
The title track of this collection, this has a lot of classic rock and roll sound to it. It has some particularly hot guitar work. Id' consider this one of the highlights of the disc.
Little Egypt
There is some cool honking horn on this song. The number is a lot of fun and has some unusual twists and turns. This isn't an obvious winner, but it is so unique that it really stands tall.
Blue Suede Shoes
Here we're back into Elvis Presley territory. This works quite well. The guitar solo is on fire, and the whole number really rocks.
One Night
A slow moving number, this is well-rooted in old school rock and roll with both country and jazz in the mix.
Curtis seems to be channeling Elvis Presley on this number. The track is a balladic one with some hints of Latin texture brought by some of the guitar work. I'd consider this more contemporary pop than rock and roll.
Wooly Bully
I've always been a fan of this party rocker. This version works well.
Mohair Sam
There are some solid hooks and great rock and roll textures built into this number. It's another that makes me think of early Beatles. The horn is a nice touch.
Jezebel (live at The Cavern)
The guitar riff at the heart of this makes me think of the kind of thing The B-52s would do years later. This is a classy rocker with a real 1960s garage band sound. It is one of the highlights here.
Skinnie Minnie
1960s party rock and roll is on the menu here. This is a lot of fun.
Um Um Um Um Um
There is a contemporary pop sound built around 1960s rock music that is at the heart of this. I'm not really enthused about this, but it's also not bad.

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