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Love Bubble

Love Revolution

Review by Gary Hill

If you like the bright sunshiny pop sounds of the 1960s, you will probably enjoy this. While there are some modern nods in some of the sounds here, those are generally minor and infrequent. Overall, this feels like a long lost gem of times gone-by. For me it tends to be a little too innocent and cheery at points, but it's all entertaining and effective.

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Track by Track Review
Love Bubble
Echoey lines of "Love Bubble" bounce around one another. Eventually this works out to a poppy sort of alternative rock leaning arrangement from there. This is catchy and fun.
Twice This Summer
This is more of a pure pop tune. It's entertaining.
There is a real retro texture to this. The cut has a lot of 1960s vocal group vibes. Think Mamas and the Papas and others like that.
Paradise Falls
Another set in the pop rock of the 1960s, this is effective.
I Wanna Be
More vocal centric, this has a pretty vanilla vibe to it. It has almost a Lawrence Welk feeling to it. I'm not particularly fond of this song. It's not bad. It's just a little schmaltzy.
A Little Bit of Everything
Now, this presents another side of the 60s pop vibe. I can make out some Beatles at times and some Beach Boys at others. It's an entertaining song.
Warm and Cozy
A slow, balladic cut, there is a real jazz vibe to this. There are some dreamy psychedelic elements here at times.
Moonlight Swim
Bouncy 60s pop is in the driver's seat here. I have to say that this is only so effective for me. That said, the lyrics have some pretty daring moments that contrast well with the cheery, innocence of the music.
Beautiful Soul
There is a dreamy vibe with a lot of jazz in the mix here. This is one of the best tunes of the whole set.
Guilty Pleasures
Another bouncy cut, this feels playful and very retro in nature. It reminds me of some of the old-fashioned pieces Queen did, at least in terms of musical style. Certainly the delivery is nothing like that.
Honeymoon in June
This is a slow moving, jazzy tune. It's intriguing. Ragtime and more of that Queen-like retro sound make up much of the concept here. This is classy stuff. It's pretty effective.
Love Revolution

The 1960s pop rock sound on this fits the lyrical message. That said, the lyrics are topical for our modern world. This title track is entertaining and poignant. It's one of the highlights of the album.

I Got You Babe
Yes, this is the Sonny and Cher song. This version is quite different than theirs, though. It is very 60s-oriented, though. It's also one of the strongest pieces here, making a great choice for closing the album.

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