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Mike Berman

Where I'm From

Review by Gary Hill

There is almost a dichotomy to this album. Some retro instrumental sounds dominate the set musically. The vocals at time feel like they fit that concept. At other points they feel more connected to modern alternative pop music. Those ranges of sound are the order of business here.

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Track by Track Review
I like the retro folk rocking groove of this tune. The vocal have a cadence and tone that lands this more in the zone of alternative pop.
Hills of California
I love the banjo on this number. It has more of a mainstream folk music thing at play. The extended instrumental movement even has some hints of bluegrass.
Make It Rain
The vocals here have more of that indie-alternative thing going. Beyond that the song is more of a country-infused folk based rocker.
Angels Flight
The intricate guitar that starts this is tasty. This is on the mellower side. It has hints of European cafe music. The vocals seem to skirt the line between more traditional folk sounds and those alternative ones.
Goodbye California
Energetic, country infused pop rock makes this song work. The vocals still bring that alternative angle to the piece.
Angels in the Stone
Very mellow and much more traditional, this is tasty folk music The duet of male and female vocals works well. A violin adds some emotional texture to the song.
It Should Be Raining Today
Slow moving country based folk is in the driver's seat here. This gets pretty potent and has some killer sound blended into its mix.
There's Nothin' on the Radio
Electrified and rocking, I love the almost psychedelic edge to this. The cut also gets country blended into the mix. The vocals feel more alternative pop oriented. This is a catchy and energetic rocker.
Van Nuys
Stripped down in terms of arrangement, this is an intricate and artsy sort of folk piece. It gets some other layers of sound added later, but this never rises up far.
The Road I Once Traveled
Country, folk, rock and that indie angle all seem to show up here. This is effective and rather catchy.
Livin' on Both Sides of the 5
Feeling bouncy and playful, this has a great old folk music vibe to it. It's another catchy and entertaining piece of music. This gentle, but still has some energy. It's also a good choice for album closer.

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