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Review by Gary Hill

This 1996 release (just getting reissued) was the final studio album for the initial run of Xentrix. It seems heavier and more nu-metal in some ways to me. It also features a new singer (Simon Gordon). I have to admit that some of the time his voice doesn't work that well for me. When he goes for the Halford-like screams, though, he's really got it. This album feels a lot different than the rest of their stuff to me. It's still strong, but I think that I prefer the earlier stuff.

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Track by Track Review
13 Years
There is a mellow introduction to this. Eventually they tear out into some seriously driving and heavy metal. This almost feels a little punky and nu-metal at times. It's a real powerhouse.
Thrashier, this makes me think of Rage Against the Machine just a little for some reason.
This thing is fierce and intense. The guitar work on it gets pretty crazed in some magical ways. I'd say that this is one of the highlights of the disc. It's just so strong.
Caught You Living

After a fierce introduction, this drops to a rubbery bass line for the entrance of the vocals. It makes me think of a cross between Megadeth and Faith No More. As it turns to more straight forward metal we get some Halford-like screams. This is unusual with an almost rap metal thing at play at times. It's also strong. It's another highlight of the set. It does earn a parental advisory. This thing just keeps changing and reinventing itself.

Strength of Persuasion
This stomper is so mean and aggressive. It's another standout here. It just has so much killer metal fury to it.
Never Be
I really love the meaty riffing on this powerhouse stomper. It's another killer tune, and another highlight of the disc.
The Hand That Feeds Itself
Another driving metal number, the instrumental section on this gets so powerful. It also takes things through some intriguing turns. There is some scorching hot guitar soloing built into it, too. This is another that earns a parental advisory.
Blood Nation
Screaming hot, this is another powerhouse song. It's ferocious and very tasty. The instrumental section really takes it through some cool territory.
It's hard to believe, but this feels even meaner. It's full of ferocity and tasty riffs. This comes with a parental advisory.
Starting balladic, I love the bass work on this. It feels somewhat like Metallica as it grows outward gradually. It eventually gets into more driving metal zones and does so with a lot of style.

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