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Blitzed: The 80s Blitz Kids Story DVD

Review by Gary Hill

I like to think that as connoisseurs of much the same cultural material, those of us in the US are not that different from the people of England. The truth is, though, there are a lot of differences. Going back at least as far as the 1960s, the British scene has seemed to merge identity, fashion and music in ways that really don't have accurate parallels in the US.

Another difference, at least from this video, is the impact that David Bowie had on the culture. I mean, Bowie was very popular here in the US. I've been a fan most of my life. If the interviews on this DVD are to be believed, though, his performance of "Star Man" on "Top of the Pops" was the trigger for a cultural revolution that gave birth to the punk and New Romantics movements in the UK.

This video documents a club that existed in the UK for only a year and a half, but whose lasting impact changed British music and culture. It was a club that allowed people to be themselves, and express sexual natures that were not accepted by mainstream British culture.

It was a scene that was based on the music and style of Bowie, particularly at first. Bowie even used patrons of the Blitz Club for his "Ashes to Ashes" video. This is a fascinating tale told with interviews, music clips and more. It's hard to believe that acts as far ranging as Sade, Culture Club, Ultravox and Visage all sprang from this club and movement, but that's what I learned from this intriguing documentary. Well, it's part of it. I'll let you  learn the rest of it on your own rather than spell it all out.

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