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Interviewed by Greg Olma
Interview with Baxter Teal III of Deepfield from 2007
MSJ: This interview is available in book format (hardcover and paperback) in Music Street Journal: 2007 Volume 5 at

The name Deepfield has a great meaning. How did you choose that as the name of the band?
The fact that a picture taken from the deepest part of space essentially shows us the beginning of time (at the end of the universe) is a enormous step in the field of science. One photo has shaken the very foundations of astronomy. We chose the name not to represent some great leap in musical boundaries, but more about the process of reaching as far as we can as musicians (and people) to capture a sound that is and will remain "genre-less" in the over-saturated and re-hashed state of rock music. Nothing we write is groundbreaking by any means but we consider it an atypical approach to making mainstream music.  

MSJ: Your music sounds like it was influenced by many bands. Who would you say was the most influential and why?
We can't pinpoint one band or artist alone, but anything from progressive to folk. We don't really write a particular song and say "lets try to write a song like so and so.” It’s as organic a process as we can make it; at least we think so..
MSJ: Did you consciously include different styles into your music or was it just a natural progression of the music you wrote?
Collectively I'd say, “no,” but I think the fact that we all come from different musical backgrounds and our tastes are so diverse, that the end-product has an original "blend" of many styles.
MSJ: Did you put a lot of thought into the track order of the CD? For example, "Don't Let Go" has hit single written all over it yet it is the last track on your disc.
We wanted it to build up in the beginning to a swift kick in the ass; to get the attention of the hard rock fan. The movement of the "44 Teeth" segues nicely to "Get It,” which we knew was going to be our 1st single; another fast rocker. From there "Wayside" brings more depth to the record; a short break from the ear-drum pounding and a much more intricate piece, musically and lyrically. "Fall Apart" brings a pop element to the record; a sort-of emotional lift to the feel of the album and "The Bleeding" is the dark "eye of the storm" moment. "Into The Flood" is our anthem-rocker and gets the blood flowing again, where "Your Forever" is our most intricate piece (and a great mix kudos to Skidd Mills). "The Silence" is the closest we get to southern rock, complete with bible-belt-bashing lyrics (which are not so southern!). "Dead Horse" almost didn't make the record, and has become one of my favorites for its strength as a live song. "Dreams" is the emotional low point for the record. J. King's solo in that song is one of my favorite solos; I think every note means something. And "Don't Let Go" may be a hit single, but putting a cover song at the front of the record, to me, would have compromised our originality by showcasing the band by an en vogue rendition. Besides, I thought that was the standard with covers anyway; making it the hidden gem, right?! Cover songs can end up making a band a "one (previous)-hit-wonder" also....putting it at the end was our best effort at avoiding that.
MSJ: Do you have any songs written for your next record?
Yes, over 50 bits and pieces easily.
MSJ: What was the last CD you purchased?
David Cross Not So Funny.
MSJ: What are your thoughts on music downloading?
Obviously it affects actual record sales, but it probably gives more exposure. As far as illegal downloading, I don't know any artist that would encourage it.
MSJ: What was the last concert you attended as a fan?
Sick Puppies in my hometown
MSJ: Have you had any Spinal Tap moments on tour yet and if so, which is your favorite?
Playing a St. Louis show across the river in Sauget, Illinois (pop. 250) and calling the crowd "Missoullinois.”
MSJ: What is the next move for Deepfield?
"Into The Flood" will go to radio as our second single in a few weeks, during the 2nd or 3rd week of the Puddle of Mudd/Saliva tour, which ends on the west coast around Thanksgiving.
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