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Metal/Prog Metal Interviews

Sebastian Bach

Interviewed by Brian Angotti
Interview with Sebastian Bach from 2000

MSJ: Your first solo album is live. Why not a full length studio album?
On the first solo tour when we got to Japan Atlantic asked me if I'd do a full live record. Although they offered me a record deal I had to say "no" because I wanted to at least include five new studio tracks. Well, it was a compromise between me and the record label but I'm glad I did the live stuff. I thought the live stuff turned out great. I'm proud of the way it sounds. The studio stuff to me was a little more exciting because it was fresh. The producton is wicked if I do say so myself. I love working with Michael Wagner, who I co-produced Bring Em' Bach Alive with. Everytime I work with him I feel like a little kid. He is who I did I my first ever CD with. I had not worked with Michael in years so it was great to work with him again.  

MSJ: On the new album you wrote with different people. How was that compared to Skid Row?
Skid row was so long ago and I have not been in the band since 1996. In my band I can pick what I want to do musically and in Skid Row everything was like a big fight. Now it is a lot more fun. It was fun then, too, but I think it is more fun now.
MSJ: We've heard the rumor that Skid Row was reuniting. How do you feel about that?
I don't.....I'm numb. That is all I can say.
MSJ: Would you ever work with Skid Row Again?
MSJ: You just signed a 4 album deal with Spitfire, correct?
Yes, This was the first album and three after this. This tour is really punishing tour wise. We are going to Alaska for the first time. We are doing two nights there - one in Anchorage and one in Fairbanks. It is pretty amazing we get to go there as you can see we are doing tons and tons of touring. After we get off tour we'll start thinking about the next record.
MSJ: Any plans to hook up with other bands as part of a package deal? Such as last years summer Poison tour?
Not at the moment, I'm really doing well on my own headlining. That is what I enjoy doing. If someone asked me to open for them it would depend who it was and the schedule as to what I'm doing for my next record. We just got this offer for some big arena or outdoor festival in North Dakota so I could be touring well into the summer.
MSJ: Are you bringing any bands out on tour with you or just using local bands?
Yeah on this tour I let the local promoter pick the opening band. To open for me on this tour the band would have to have their own bus and be ready to go for it big time because we are playing all over the place. I'm not sure of too many bands that are set up to do that at the extent we are. For that reason I let the local promoter pick the band and sometimes I get a good one and sometimes I don't.  

MSJ: The music that you recorded with THE LAST HARDMEN was that one song or a full album?
We did two sessions for the album the first went really well and the second not so well and it is basically being held up in legal limbo right now. The new CD and those to come in the future that I will being putting my name on will be more of what you'd except from Sebastian Bach. That music wasn't up to sound standards as far as production goes that you are used to hearing from me. I wanted to get the tapes and give them to Michael Wagner to produce but Kelly Deal wouldn't let me do that. I can't put my name on something and know in my heart that it isn't something as good as I've done or am capable of doing. With any luck the it will see the light of day someday.
MSJ: In THE LAST HARDMEN and your solo band you've worked with a lot of people. Anybody you'd really like to work with?
Yes, I just did this tribute to Randy Rhodes for Japan with Diamond Darrel of Pantera. I always wanted to do something with him in the studio so it was pretty great. I did a song with Anton Fig for his solo album, also with Ace Frehley. Ace is also someone I've always wanted to go into the studio with. Other than that I'm pretty happy with guys I'm playing with now. Maybe Ted Nugent....
MSJ: What are you listening to these days?
I like that new Filter song Take A Picture. There isn't much as singing goes that I really freak out about. That new Incubus -I really like that song because I can relate to it.
MSJ: What was the last concert you attended?
Either Jesse Camp or Willie Nelson
MSJ: What is your funniest Spinal Tap moment?
I've told the story before, but it is very Spinal Tap. The first time I played at the Omini in Atlanta. I ran out on the stage full blast for the first song. With it being dark and in front of twenty thousand people and I just ran off the stage into the pit. I was standing there looking up at the band and they were like, "dude, what are you doing down there", and I was like, "I don't know". That was definitely "Hello, Cleveland where are you?"
MSJ: What type of music do you think will be the next big thing?
Well, as Charles Mingus said, "There is only two kinds of music good and bad" so hopefully the next trend will be good. There are so many boy bands out there and it is hard for a rocker to get into Nsync... I hope. Thank god for CDs. I can listen to Bon Scott whenever I want.
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