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Progressive Rock Interviews

Point of Ares

Interviewed by Gary Hill
Interview with Karen Michalson of Point Of Ares From 2000
MSJ: Tell us a bit about the novel that the album is based on?
[squaring my shoulders, deepening my voice, and emailing in my best professorial tones]: Enemy Glory (the novel) is much more epic and philosophical, and explores the themes of individual choice and its consequences, freedom and control, art and criticism -- at root it's a novel about language -- words and defining one's life through language. NO!! STOP!! Ye gods, that sounds horribly pedantic and dull, doesn't it?

[emailing one large sigh and smile here]

Those are just the ideas -- and I get in my own way by bringing up ideas before bringing up what anyone really cares about. Sigh. Alright.

[leaning forward in torn jeans and rumpled t-shirt like an excited little kid with a favorite toy to show off so glad you asked and emailing]

It's a novel about war and friendship and magic and political intrigue and revenge and why a brilliant young cleric who loves beauty more than anything willingly chooses a career in which he methodically destroys everything he ever loved, and it has battle scenes and exploding towns and lots of humor and my literary agent has already generated serious interest in it from major presses. If any one makes an offer Music Street Journal will know about it first.

[email giggles]

MSJ: How would you describe your music?
Hard rock with a decided progressive edge. We write songs that flower where those two genres kiss. I like the term "art rock" -- for the attitude it implies. A critic for Northeast Performer once described us as "Renaissance troubadours with electric guitars" and I liked that very much - the troubadour image implied to me the fusion of Romance/Adventure with a more down to earth commitment/hard work/daily investment. We think with our feelings and feel with our thoughts. Gets us into trouble in some quarters.
MSJ: This interview is available in book format (hardcover and paperback) in Music Street Journal: The Early Years Volume 5 at
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