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Non-Prog Interviews

The Toadies

Interviewed by Larry Toering

Interview with Rez of the Toadies from 2012


How has the road been treating you guys since 2010?

It's been going very well. We just got done recording a couple of weeks ago. It's  called “Play Rock Music.” Everything heavy and light mixed together and balanced out well, still sounds like The Toadies.


What are some of the differences between the crowds of old and the crowds of new in the greater scheme of it all?

The more they give the more the band wants to give back. We're lucky to have a loyal fan base.


If you had to choose one favorite Toadies album, which would it be and why?

The new one always suits me because it's not old to me. Some of the songs on this album were written and arranged in the studio rather than trying them out on the road live. Every once in a while I'll be surprised to hear us on the radio.


What would be your most memorable moment on stage?

One just happened a week or so ago. We played here in Dallas, a hometown show - first time in months. For the encore Charles Moody showed up after19 years and it was moving, very coo - one of the Toadies founders back on stage was a cool moment for me and the crowd. Then a guy in a pizza suit ran across the stage.(laughs)


Why Portland, Oregon for the making of your latest video, yet no stop here on the tour, instead opting for Bend?

We did do two nights in Portland, but they were of a lower profile nature, I suppose. It was the day off between the two gigs, so, our buddy Dennis directed the video. It was a lot of fun filming there. We try to cover the whole country at least once during an album and not over saturate.


How do feel about technology and where it has taken the music industry concerning things like illegal downloading?

Not much you can do about it - the cat’s already out of the bag. It's a drag that nobody is paying much for recorded music anymore. It's like a double-edged sword that way. On the other hand, the more people that can access your music it will bring them out to see us live and they still buy copies at the shows. People still buy, but for the most part the music is like free advertising these days compared to before it all took off.


What would be your biggest musical guilty pleasure?

I don't know if it’s guilty or not but I like bubble gum from the 60s.


Can you explain any meaning behind the song “Backslider?”

I think it's about Todd. He was raised in a religious family. Perhaps his father called him that. I never knew what it meant until after we recorded the song.


Who would be some of your biggest musical influences... doesn't have to be drummers?

Ringo and Charlie Watts, John Bonham, Keith Moon. Music in general - David Bowie the Beatles, Buck Owens.


What would be your biggest Spinal Tap moment?

Here's one - I was involved but it didn't happen to me. We played in Biloxi at four or five in the afternoon. So we decided to stick around and drink free beer for several hours and we were enjoying them. I said to Clark, “do a stage dive.” So he said “okay,” and took off and didn't quite make it, landing on the barricade and breaking a couple of ribs.


How do you like the music scene in Texas?

It's actually really going strong here right now in the Dallas Fort Worth area, and we try to take them out on tour as much as we can. We go out with Helmut, and we're taking this band from here called, “UME.” They've been making a lot of waves down here and were in a contest run by “Rolling Stone Magazine.” They have a great female front person. They will be the first band on that tour with us.


What compelled you guys to cover a Thin Lizzy song? Anything in particular concerning them, or...?

We just liked the song and someone was putting a compilation for charity and that is how we arrived at that. We all grew up liking them and had the Jailbreak album. We're all fans of that album.

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