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Progressive Rock Interviews

Bike Thief

Interviewed by Gary Hill
Interview with Febian Perez of Bike Thief from 2015
Can you catch the readers up on the history of your involvement in music?
I've been doing music for a bunch of years before starting this band, from recording, session work and just playing in random bands.
If you weren't involved in music what do you think you'd be doing?
MSJ: How did the name of the group originate?
I just thought it sounded cool, I don't remember much more than that.
MSJ: Who would you see as your musical influences?
My tastes are too varied to answer that. Currently I'm listening to a lot of Red Fang, Queen's of the Stone Age, Black Angels and Modest Mouse.
MSJ: I know artists hate to have their music pigeonholed or labeled, but how would you describe your music?
Different ideas forming one idea.
MSJ: Do you think that illegal downloading of music is a help or hindrance to the careers of musicians?
Music is meant for anyone and everyone-If someone wants to steal my music, I'm flattered, and it can only be a help to my career.
MSJ: In a related question, how do you feel about fans recording shows and trading them?
Like baseball cards? Rad.
MSJ: If you were a superhero, what music person would be your arch nemesis and why?
Pitchfork. Because.
MSJ: If you were to put together your ultimate band (a band you'd like to hear or catch live), who would be in it and why?
Five clones of Prince, all dressed in matching outfits because that would shatter reality and likely cause the universe to implode.
If you were in charge of assembling a music festival and wanted it to be the ultimate one from your point of view who would be playing?
Five clones of Prince would headline.
What was the last CD you bought and/or what have you been listening to lately?
Lots of heavy music, lots of dance music.
MSJ: Have you read any good books lately?
I'm still reading the same book from last year. It takes time to enjoy a book.
MSJ: What about the last concert you attended for your enjoyment?
Red Fang at The Know.
MSJ: Do you have a musical “guilty pleasure?”
Listening to music, whilst eating ice cream.
MSJ: What has been your biggest Spinal Tap moment?
Quoting a Spinal Tap quote, only to immediately turn red because of how lame it is to beat a dead horse.
MSJ: If you could sit down to dinner with any three people, living or dead, for food and conversation, with whom would you be dining?
My ancestors.
MSJ: Are there any closing thoughts you would like to get out there?
I'm off to grab a coffee. Much love!



MSJ: This interview is available in book format (hardcover and paperback) in Music Street Journal: 2015  Volume 2 at
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