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Progressive Rock Interviews

Franck Carducci

Interviewed by Gary Hill

Interview with Frank Carducci from 2018


While we reviewed your Torn Apart CD since then, we've not done an interview with you since 2011.
Beyond that album, what's been new in the world of Franck Carducci?

Well, since the visual aspect has a very important role in my music, I figured I needed to release a concert on a visual support. So we managed to shoot two nights from the “Tearing the Tour Apart” and released a DVD/BluRay from this footage.

We also released a music video for the song “Closer To Irreversible” in which Steve Hackett (from Genesis) played a fantastic guitar solo! It’s available on YouTube.

MSJ: What's the best thing that's ever been said about your music?
We just got the “Classic Rock Society” (UK magazine) award for “Best Overseas Band 2017,” which for me is a terrific achievement! They said about us: “One of the most exciting stage shows around”

Also PROG magazine called us “A surrealistic Rock Circus,” which suits us perfectly.

MSJ: What's ahead for you?
Quite a lot of festivals are booked for 2018 in the UK, France, Norway … I’m getting a lot of requests to bring my show to the US (which we’d  love to), but VISAs remain an issue at the moment. However, we’re hoping to get booked on the “Cruise To the Edge” soon.

We are also currently working on new songs… We’ll see where that takes us!

What was the last CD you bought and/or what have you been listening to lately?
The last CD I bought was Alice Cooper’s latest album, which I really enjoyed.

I mainly listen to old 70s stuff, but in recent releases I’d mention my friend Peter Jones’ albums with Tiger Moth Tales, which are all excellent.

MSJ: Have you read any good books lately?
I’ve read one of the most inspiring books ever lately. It’s called “Born To Run” by Bruce Springsteen. Even though I’m not (wasn’t) a fan at all, this book is simply amazing.

Yesterday I finished reading another great book called “My Book of Genesis” and written by my friend Richard Macphail. I highly recommend it to all music fans.

MSJ: What about the last concert you attended for your enjoyment?
Again it was Alice Cooper who hit my hometown of Lyon a couple of months ago, even though I was quite disappointed because I almost got booked to play his support act, but in the end it didn’t work out. But his show was amazing anyways.

Otherwise I’m attending a lot of concerts from the local scenes in Lyon (France) and Amsterdam (Netherlands) on a regular basis, when I’m not on tour myself.

MSJ: Do you remember the first concert you attended?
Let’s call it "the first important concert I ever attended": Pink-Floyd (unfortunately without Roger Waters) in 1994. It blew me away.
Have you come across any new gear recently that you love?
I’m not much of a gear person. Most of the time I’ll just plug the guitar, crank up the volume and rock and roll.
MSJ: Are there any closing thoughts you would like to get out there?
Big thanks to all the readers of the Music Street Journal for your interest, and if you want to know a wee bit more, feel free to drop by my website: or Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Spotify, BandCamp, iTunes, YouTube, Deezer, … we’re pretty much everywhere!

All the best!


This interview is available in book format (hardcover and paperback) in Music Street Journal: 2018  Volume 2 at
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