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Brazen Abbot

My Resurrection

Review by Greg Olma

This is my first experience with Brazen Abbot. I knew of them because I have always been a Joe Lynn Turner fan but I never heard them. I wish I had taken the time to look into their releases because, if this is the quality of music they have been putting out, I have been missing a lot. I keep saying they but in actuality, Nikolo Kotzev is Brazen Abbot. Nikolo has been utilizing the talents, and I do mean talents, of some of the best singers rock has to offer. This release has some symphonic elements but is basically a hard rock/metal offering. All of the tracks are written and played so that the song comes out on top. No one is trying to outdo anyone else. There is such a consistency with the music that I often forget that there are different vocalists. Based on this release, I think you would be not disappointed with any of their albums. The name after each title in the track by track review is the name of the singer of that song.

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Track by Track Review
My Resurrection (Joe Lynn Turner)
This cut starts out with the sound of a thunderstorm and then kicks into a fast paced rocker. The guitar sound, along with Joe's vocals, could have easily put this one on one of the later day Rainbow albums.
Bad Madman (Goran Edman)
Goran puts in a really good vocal performance on this Holy Diver-ish rocker.
Godforsaken (Tony Harnell)
It's another fast paced song with some really great guitar work from Nikolo. It also has a big catchy chorus.
Dreams (Joe Lynn Turner)
One of the best songs on the CD, this is almost a ballad. Piano is added for extra texture and it really does make a difference. Joe puts in a performance that reminds you why this guy is in such demand.
Flyin' Blind (Goran Edman)
This song takes the same direction as U2 in How To Dismantle an Atomic Bomb, which is odd considering the proximity of their release dates. There is a commonality in the bombastic nature of this song and U2's Vertigo. At the same time, this is unquestionably RPWL. It's a great track that brings the popular and progressive together.
Another Day Gone (Tony Harnell)
Great guitar work starts off this rocker. This one has a very Rainbow (Dio era) feel to it. Tony Harnell pushes his vocals into more of a hard rock delivery.
More Than Money (Joe Lynn Turner)
This is 80's sounding Rainbow.
The Shadows (Erik Martensson)
Acoustic guitar starts off this ballad. Erik Martensson has a very "breathy" style in singing and it really works for this song. Nikolo's acoustic guitar playing really adds a nice touch to the number without overplaying it.
Beggar's Lane (Goran Edman)
This one contains a lot of symphonic elements. There is some good guitar work but it is buried too far down in the mix.
Rage Of Angels (Joe Lynn Turner)
There is some great riffing in this one and the keyboards almost turn it into a Deep Purple song. This could have come off of Deep Purple's Slaves and Masters album.

Lost (Tony Harnell)
This is the only song on My Resurrection that I would call ordinary. There is some good guitar work but it needs more.

Shades Of Grey (Goran Edman)
The sound of rain ushers in this ballad. The track sounds kind of like it belongs on a soundtrack. Goran puts in a nice vocal performance but Nikolo is really the star here. He puts in some excellent guitar work in the middle break and a bit for the fade out.

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