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Review by Gary Hill

While this disc is not really all that original, it’s quite good. I mean, the whole hard rocking, modern metal meets alternative rock style which these guys practice is a bit overdone these days. Still, this is an EP that’s consistent from start to end and the cover of “Safety Dance” adds a bit of the unexpected.

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Track by Track Review

The rhythm section drives this instrumental piece, but there are some backing vocals late. While it’s basically textures and atmosphere, it’s heavy and chugging. This is certainly not any kind of mellow atmospheric music.


They fire out here with a killer riff that’s both very metallic and modern. It’s a real killer and the vocals have a definite modern metal texture. While it’s melodic, it’s also extremely crunchy and heavy.

Sleep Awhile

Less interesting, this is a more standard heavy rocker. It’s good, and perhaps a bit like Tool, but it’s just not all the creative or original. It just feels a bit like this is something that’s been done a lot of times before.

Safety Dance

Yes, this is a cover of the song from Men Without Hats. It’s kind of a techno electronic, industrial take on the tune and a great surprise and twist.

We’re back to super heavy territory here with this cut that again calls to mind Tool a bit.

This is another that’s strong, but not that original. That said, there’s some killer guitar soloing on this modern sounding, heavy duty

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