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I’m Considering Being a Cloud

Review by Gary Hill

Psychedelia, creepy music and more merge into something that’s unusual, but also compelling. It is mostly electronic, but there are some extremely rocking moments. At times it gets into space music. This is unique music. It’s unusual music. It’s also strong. This is not necessarily recommended for the prog purists (or the feint of heart), but it’s worth checking out if you have a sense of adventure.

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Track by Track Review

There is definitely a bit of a creepy element to this. It has a percussive sort of texture. It is ambient and feels rather like something alive.

A Farm in the Dessert
At first this feels like a continuation of the previous track. Some echoey spoken words come into play. As those leave, this moves into some serious space.
Home Bird III

Although still fully ambient and strange, this is more musical in some ways. It has a bit of a symphonic feel to it. At over thirteen minutes in length, this is epic, though. So, it doesn’t stay there. It works into more full spacey music for a time. Then it drops down for a false ending and pretty, but freaky, atmosphere takes it. Bits of processed sound and musical textures come over the top as it continues. Further down the road it touches into psychedelic territory for a bit with a section that sounds a bit like processed voices. More pure space ambience takes it to the end, though.

Satan’s Kazoo
This is noisy, weird and feels rather evil and frightening. This is one of the most disturbing pieces here. It’s loud and in your face, but it’s also purely electronic.
Eat Your Make-up

Perhaps even louder than the previous one, this feels like it’s built on feedback and test tones. It seems very industrial and also computerized. It’s noisy, strange and yet compelling.

A Lessor Key of Solomon

This one is less than a minute long. It’s just an echoey processed voice.

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