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Glenn Hughes

Play Me Out - 2CD Edition

Review by Gary Hill

This new reissue finds Glenn Hughes well into his funk period on the first disc, and in disco-land on the second. Personally, I think the main album is more effective. I'm a big fan of funk and groups like Parliament, so it's kind of my thing. All in all, this is an intriguing set.


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Track by Track Review
Original Album

I Got It Covered

There is a mellow, soulful introduction to this. Then it fires out to some smoking hot funk to continue. The horns add a lot to this song. So do the female backing singers. This is just such a cool song. It's soulful, rocking and just plain on fire. I dig the mellower groove mid-track that could almost be described as space-funk. It's short, but cool.

Space High

Speaking of space funk, the lyrics on this are definitely space oriented. The music is almost a merging of some pure soulful funk with something like space rock. The strings bring something cool to this. The whole piece is just unique and powerful.

It's About Time

This groove almost feels like something Prince would have done years later. It's a great soulful number with a lot of rock in the mix. The arrangement is dense and lush. The song is evocative and powerful.

L.A. Cut Off

Mix Parliament with Rick James and Prince's New Power Generation. You'll find yourself close to this killer funky party cut.


This is a mellower, guitar based instrumental. It's pretty and rather short. It's more along the lines of folk rock instead of funky.


There is quite a healthy helping of prog rock in the mix here. The cut has plenty of Parliament in the mix, too. There is a mellower section later mid-track that's much more on the rock side of the equation, though.

Your Love Is Like a Fire

There is a cool mellower groove to a lot of this number. It's soulful, but also has a lot of mainstream rock in the mix. The funky jamming later brings it into almost a jazz direction.


Jazz, funk and rock all merge on this killer tune. It's not a huge change, but just another effective slab of funk.

I Found a Woman

This has the album title in the lyrics. It's more of a smooth soul number. It's another slab of classy musical goodness.

CD 2 Bonus Tracks


There is more of a folk rock vibe to this in some ways. Yet, it still has plenty of that soulful element. There isn't a lot of funk in the first couple minutes, though. It gets to some serious funk in later parts of the track, though.

Getting Near to You

Now, the funk is up-front on this killer tune. It's a great soul number that works quite well.

Fools Condition

I absolutely love the funky bass on this number. The cut is a bit more low-key than some of the rest, really letting that bass shine. Mind you, it gets into some more rocking stuff at times. There are things here that make me think of David Essex. Other things remind me a bit of David Bowie. All in all, this is an entertaining and solid number.

Take Me with You

Starting much mellower, this gets more energized as it works forward. By around the half way mark it's turned to a jazzy kind of funk groove that's quite solid.

She Knows
Not a huge change, this is another effective soulful piece.
Four on The Floor

Originally Released on Casablanca in 1979
There Goes My Baby

Here we get some seriously powered up music. This is disco, but like the kind of disco ELO did in some ways. Of course, this was 1979. It seemed everyone was jumping on the disco bandwagon in those days.

Gypsy Woman

Fast paced disco, this is also funky stuff. While this is not band, it's not as strong as some of the other music in the set. It does have some cool bass and guitar work, though.

Any Day Now

Again, I dig the funky stuff in this. It's a full on disco number, though. It doesn't work all that well overall for me. Still, it's stronger than the previous piece was. The instrumental segment at the end is a real powerhouse.

Glimmer Twins Medley

This Stones medley is over sixteen and a half minutes long. It includes "Let's Spend the Night Together," "Lady Jane," "Paint It Black" and "Under My Thumb." Don't expect a Rolling Stones styled version, though. This has a bit of a disco edge to it, but also some definite rock. It's more electronic based, though. There are some synthesized backing vocals on the cut. I'm not overly crazy about the "Lady Jane" part of this. There is some pretty awesome jamming in that segment, though, with some smoking hot guitar soloing. On the other hand, there is some intriguing texture brought to "Paint It Black." That part is delivered sans vocals. It has a drop back to just the rhythm section before it works into "Under My Thumb." There is a percussion work out later in the piece.


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