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Kiss the Tiger

Vicious Kid

Review by Gary Hill

I like this set a lot. While there is quite a bit of range here, it all somehow fits together. There are healthy helping of punk rock and also roots music in the mix here, but that's far from the extent of the reference points. This album is catchy, meaty and energized. It's also entertaining from start to finish.

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Track by Track Review
Motel Room
Drums bring this cut into being. The cut drives out from there into a cool rock and roller with both punk and vintage leanings. This reminds me a bit of what you might get if you merged New York Dolls with Meatloaf, but had a female lead singer in the mix. It's a fun and energetic stomper.
I Miss You
A mellower tune, this has some soulful blues elements at play. It's not quite a ballad, but it's definitely much slower and less intense than the opener was. It still has a bit of a punk edge, but overall is more purely retro styled. It's a particularly effective piece of music.
Who Does Her Hair?
This is a punky kind of hard rocker that is really classy. There is plenty of roots rock in the  mix on this tune. Yet, it's also more modern. It's all hard-edged goodness.
As an edgy guitar starts this off, it's obvious that this is more on the rock and roll side of the equation. This reminds me a little of The Ramones in some ways. It has more of that NY Dolls vibe, too, though. This is another great hard rocker. The killer instrumental section starts with a powerhouse classic rock movement before launching into a somewhat punky guitar solo.
Hold On To Love
I'm reminded a bit of Lone Justice on this song, but with less of the country edge than that comparison implies. It's a more mainstream number. It's packed with emotion and style.
Grown Ass Woman
Mellower sounds bring this in with a decidedly country edge to it. That Lone Justice comparison is perhaps even more appropriate here. I love the multiple layers of vocals on this. The whole tune has so much charm and magic. It powers up at times, but lands somewhere in the vein of power ballad.
I’ve Got Love
There is a blues rocking edge to this tune. It still has some country music in the mix. I really love the smoking hot guitar solo on this, but the whole tune is special.
Out Of My Mind
As this opens there is sort of a psychedelic rock vibe to it. It calls to mind something like Jefferson Airplane to some degree. The cut gets some harder edged movements, but that psychedelic magic remains as it works forward. This is one of the most different pieces here. It's also one of my favorites. It's just so strong. The contrast between the mellower and more rocking movements is great.
You Are The One
Driving and punky, this makes me think of early Blondie in some ways. It has some seriously heavy moments.
Talk To Me
There are some almost proggy edges to this tune. The number has some hints of things like shoegaze, but yet stays true to the concepts of the rest of the disc. This is another that's powerful and varied from the rest. It's also another of the highlights. I'm absolutely in love with the instrumental section mid-track.
Ghost Song
I'm reminded of The Cranberries on this song. It has some interesting hints of Americana. It's not quite a ballad, but not a full rocker, either. It's another bit of variety and another strong tune.
Dinosaur Song
A smoking hot rocker, this calls to mind early Who in some ways. There is a punky modern hard rock edge in the mix, too. The psychedelic freak-out mid-track is crazed and so cool. In fact, it's one of my favorite passages of the whole set.


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