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Metal/Prog Metal CD Reviews


One With The Underdogs

Review by Patrick Hennen

If I had to describe this disc in one word, I'd say… "Can't" In order for me to describe this I would say…. "Extremely energetic, explosive, violent, aggressive, and at times, just plain mean!" This disc will put you in intensive care if you aren't ready for it. This should, by all means, be played as loud as you can possibly stand it. I'm sure the people in the apartment above me just loved hearing this disc when I got it. He he he, too bad!

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Track by Track Review
One With The Underdogs
To say this starts with an assault would be like saying the Pope is Catholic. They seek to let you know what they are all about in one track. This is aggressive, but still with a dynamic quality that cannot be compared to anyone else. It's a great track to start with.
Keep Your Mouth Shut
Don't look for this onslaught to slow down any with this track. I haven't heard this kind of fire in a disc since early Pantera. This song dynamically has rhythm changes that will keep you guessing throughout the track. It's another great song.
Less Than Zero
This cut builds up at the beginning, like a scream that comes deep from the soul. This one takes no prisoners and has a great break into the bridge.
Are We Alive?
The mammoth sound these guys have is incredible. This reminds me of Black Flag in the early days. It goes for the throat and doesn't stop until you make it stop.

Here's the track that is for the mosh pits worldwide. I can just imagine how this number will come off live. Watch the pits form when this one begins. It has great rhythm changes strategically placed to induce more damage in the pits. This song is worth the money for the entire disc.
Spit My Rage
The title says it all. The music moves at the same breakneck pace that you would expect with a title like this. It has a change of pace in the bridge with a drive that would cause any circle to begin live. It's another great track.

No One Cares
Did you see that mushroom cloud? That was my stereo when this track started. This explodes and then hits you with a rhythmic aftermath to close - great combination.

Not This Time
This begins on a tribal note, with rhythmic drums and a crushing guitar sound. There are very forceful vocals on this track, very well felt lyrics. This is destined to be a classic in my collection.
Crushed By The Truth
Ok, this is not one of the longest tracks on the disc (:57 seconds). But you better fasten your seatbelt for this rough ride. This song will break every rib you have. There is a great bridge in this one as well.

Out of My Face
This begins with a methodical assault - grinding guitar and pulsing drums. Then the pace quickens and the onslaught becomes complete. This is definitely the new anthem for teen angst. And it is a very well deserving song for it, I might add.
All I've Got
Nope, the pace is not slowing down at all yet. This track is unbelievably violent and pounding. The vocals are just as harsh and driving as they were at the beginning of this disc. This album continues to impress with every track.
Find My Way
This starts with an explosion that will have you looking for your teeth from the get go. The pace slows down at the bridge and gives you your only hope for a breath in this awesome number.
Enemies In Sight
This is my personal favorite on this disc. That is if I had to pick a favorite. The rhythm is methodical and steady, driving. It's a great song to close this CD with. But wait - there's more!
Hidden Track
This kicks in a couple of minutes after the last track ends. It has a very cool sounding drum track. The drive is not quite the same as the rest of the disc, this is slower and more methodical but with vocals that remain just as heavy as the beginning. This is a great ending to a great CD.
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