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Metal/Prog Metal CD Reviews

Thine Eyes Bleed

In The Wake Of Separation

Review by Patrick Hennen

Well, well, well, if you were looking for metal to keep your neighbors awake, make your parents flip out, and give you permanent neck damage: this would be the disc to do it. These Canadian boys put together an assault that is not commonly heard of. There are some very obvious influences of Cradle of Filth, Slayer (Duh, the bassist is Johnny Araya. Yep, Tom's brother), and Kittie. This is a very well put together disc with very tight knit music along with the very tasteful vocal growlings of Justin Wolfe. This is moving up quickly in my list of "must have" discs.

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Track by Track Review
Cold Victim
With dark, vampiric lyrics, this is musically relentless. The rhythm changes in this opening track are very impressive. It's an excellent choice for an opening track and video.
Without Warning
This track opens with a bit of a Slayer-like melody. The vocals bring images of revenge and let you know this in an "In your face" type attitude. "Shame will arise every time you breathe/with every word you speak and every time you think you will hear me bleed."
And Since Forgotten
Another ballad of love gone wrong, "My myth, your magic not quite the way we planned/Last kiss seems tragic can't this cure the damned." The music even follows the dark loneliness of the lyrics.
Live To Die
I'm noticing a pattern here, this tune seems to be speaking of torture, revenge and you guessed it, a love that went wrong. Musically it kicks your teeth in from the get go. Look for the change of rhythm in the middle of this tune, it is quite impressive. Near the end of the tune you can spot the Kittie influence with clear vocals in the front and the screams in the background. This is my personal favorite on this disc.
Corpse You Up
This is a heavy, driving, gothic melody about a love that goes beyond death. Once again there are very masterful rhythm changes in this song.
Innocent Mind
Ok, break out the neck brace for this little ditty, kiddies. Musically you won't find many tracks that go this hard and fast for 3 minutes. Lyrically we see visions of a dark, secret, unfulfilled love.
This is one of the slower tunes on this disc, but it will still crack your ribs. It's another morbid melody about undying love.
Consequence Unknown
This is a perfect case of the music fitting perfectly with the lyrics. This song could very well be the soundtrack to a horror film. It's very well done.
Regret Your Fear
Gothic, dark, forceful lyrics create an image of a haunting fate. This is the longest track on this disc (almost 6 minutes). This was an excellent choice to close this incredible debut with.
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