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Rock Out With Your Dikk Out EP

Review by Rick Damigella

It is as obvious as a Marshall stack set on stun that we are currently in a metal renaissance in 2K9. Seemingly everyone from Whitesnake to Anvil is back together, touring and recording. Kids who weren’t even born when Master of Puppets was released are rocking out as a new generation of fans. And somewhere out there, in the vast miasma of wannabe bands cluttering the Internet, are a new breed of rocker, carrying the metal torch, playing it loud and proud, the sound of old school metal in the new century. If you like big hair, bigger solos and singers who don’t sound like Cookie Monster swallowed a bucket of whiskey soaked shrapnel, then allow me to introduce you to Thunderdikk.

Who is Thunderdikk you say? First of all, there are five of them, which as you all know it is written in the 10 commandments of metal that thy band shall consist of five. The lead singer’s name is Dikk Thunder (no, really, it is). Lead face melting is handled by Sleaze Paladino, one of those rare guitarists in the world who isn’t afraid to solo and has the fingers and the skills to back it up. Rhythm guitar is played by Johnny Razor, with Mickey Brunswick on bass and Snake “Skin” Paladino on drums and douchebaggery. Appropriately, the band refers to their fans as Dikkheads.

Thunderdikk’s first recording is a three track EP available via iTunes which is well worth the three bucks to download. The band plays a classic-cum-modern style of sleazy metal that is pure rocking fun to listen to. Indeed, these guys could very easily revive the down and dirty Sunset Strip metal scene given half the chance.

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Track by Track Review
A throbbing bass guitar riff oozes from the speakers as the intro to my favorite song of the three. A mid-paced twin guitar crunch riff kicks in and quickly picks up the pace in the chorus. Dikk Thunder belts out his vocals with a purpose and that purpose is to rock you, with lyrics like this couplet: “Come a little closer, I won’t bite / Well of course I will, cause that’s what you like.” Sleaze Paladino’s solo proves he is in fact a time traveler who is here from the metal past to remind the listener what guitar solos are supposed to sound like!
My Name is Dikk
Lock up your daughters, sisters, even your moms, because Dikk wants them to come feel his thunder. This one is two and a half minutes of full fledged awesome, with a killer tribal drum break and a guitar solo guaranteed to leave you with a burning sensation.
Ride My Lightning
Pulling no punches in its singer-on-the-prowl lyrics, this full tilt rocker carries on the proud tradition of entendre in your face. This song truly epitomizes the Thunderdikk experience: a band who rocks, has a sense of fun about them and knows what heavy metal is supposed to be. Check them out on Twitter by following @Thunderdikk and you will get an even better sense of why, if you call yourself a metalhead, you need to be rocking out with your Dikk out.
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