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Metal/Prog Metal CD Reviews


Electric Eyes

Review by Gary Hill

This album was recorded in 1979 but never released until now. Thor is generally considered a heavy metal artist, but also leans toward punk rock. This particular album seems to include both of those things along with psychedelia and more. It's tastefully raw and works pretty well. Please note that I've included this under metal partly because of the music, but more because of Thor's catalog.

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Track by Track Review
Special Flight
Drums lead this out. As the guitar joins we're taken into something that feels like a cross between NWOBHM and AC/DC. The cut works through some changes as it continues. The tune is very much a cross between old school punk rock and raw NWOBHM.
She's a Fancy Lady
This rocker has a lot of that punk kind of edge, but again feels like NWOBHM. The chorus is catchy, and I dig the guitar riffs.
More of a metallic jam, this has a lot of punk in the mix. There is still a lot of NWOBHM here.
Wild Thing
Here is a cover of the old classic. I dig this tune quite a bit.
Electric Eyes
The modes that open the title track land closer to an early metal sound. Yet there is still plenty of punk rock here. Some 1960s garage rock and psychedelia is also laced into this thing. It is a cool tune that is one of the highlights of the set.
Twitch (Let's Go)
That 60s rocking vibe is all over this one, too. The "let's go" hook brings a definite punk thing to it.
Old school rock and roll, punk and metal all seem to merge on this mean rocker.
While the bass line that brings this into being is almost pure funk, the guitar brings some of the most pure metal stuff here. The instrumental break mid-track really brings the NWOBHM sound. Still there is some punk here, too.
The Door (Face Behind My Mask)
The punk and metal elements really merge well here. This is another highlight of the set and cool rocker.
Gladiator Romp
Another standout tune, this one again does a good job of merging the metal and punk elements. There is a dropped back percussion and vocal bit and a cool rocking section at the end.
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